10 Image Model New Unique Wedding Rings

At the end of 2015 the trend of more and more models of wedding rings with a simple but impressed by the unique design on the market. There was the possibility, the unique wedding ring could also be a trend models wedding ring or engagement ring latest model of the year 2016.


Here we provide some recommendation design unique wedding ring which can be an inspiration for the couples who are looking for a wedding ring or an engagement ring design is simple but unique.

Wedding Rings elcie

A unique wedding ring model with holes patterned pulse on the ring on the ring of men and love women. If you want a model or a unique wedding engagement rings, rings elcie could be an alternative for you.

Wedding Rings charion

Comes with an elegant design and unique wedding rings, wedding rings charion can be an option for those of you who are looking for an engagement ring or wedding. Lined zircon stone rings add beauty charion. You can also add engraving a name on the top of the ring.

Wedding Rings Najila

You’re looking for a model of elegant and unique wedding ring? Najila wedding ring ring comes with an elegant design with zirconia stones lined in a lady’s ring and twisted motif on the top ring of men.

Wedding Rings KASELA

Unique ring design swerving into rings unusual when used as a wedding ring and an engagement ring. It is suitable for you fans of the unique ring that want to be different from others.

Wedding Rings Saurida silver

For young couples, a model unique ring that “fit” can be selected to be used as a wedding or engagement ring. You can see in the picture of this unique wedding ring, the ring-shaped love man there is a hole, whereas the female ring-shaped zircon stones decorated with love. Really fit and harmonious, is not it?

Kiandra Wedding Rings

Unique wedding ring designs such as two stacked rings with wedding rings made of corrugated models kiandra seem unique, beautiful, and elegant. This ring would make a unique engagement ring and wedding ring unique latest models.

Bride Wedding Rings

Bored with model / design ring round? Bride ring comes with a unique ring-shaped design somewhat “box” with ornaments 3 colors on each piece. Suitable for those of you who want a unique wedding ring and an engagement ring is unique.

Wedding Rings Avikam

Comes with a unique design wedding rings with ornaments shaped silver colored boxes on the top and a colored ring Gold makes avikam wedding rings are beautiful and unique. You want a simple wedding ring model but still unique? Avikam ring could be solution for you.

Wedding Rings Love

Another design couple rings that fit and match. You can see in the picture alofa wedding ring, the ring is decorated with a round stone with a love-shaped stone and ornament line if the two rings fused together.

Wedding Rings Yekta

The latest models of other unique wedding ring is a wedding ring Yekta. Comes with a ring design is simple but still unique with ornaments like the sand in the middle of the ring. Suitable modeled wedding ring and engagement ring models.

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