3. Your home is not ready to be surveyed at any time

Some people just want to show the house during the weekend. Whether for reasons of busy work in the middle of the week or indeed only provide a survey at the weekend. It is also a mistake in selling homes that are not aware of.

Many potential buyers of your home is actually a time in dijual di bali  the middle of the week, while on weekends to work.Or in some cases, can only survey on a particular day in the middle of the week as it will go in a long time, either out of town or out of the country.


Well, because it was already “only” provide a survey at the weekend, meaning potential buyers will not be able to survey your home. Even though in fact they are very interested. In the world of property, a survey is of key importance. No location survey 99% there will be no sales.

What’s the solution? This is where the role of agent. If the reason you are busy working in the middle of the week, estate agent can replace the role you to accompany potential buyers of your home. Because it is their job.:)

4. Your home is not always in the best condition

Errors in the next house is a house selling that are not always in the best condition. In terms of cleanliness, tidiness, comfort, regularity, and others.

Make sure the house does not fall apart like a lot of dry clothes strewn everywhere, cleaning the dirty dishes are not washed, garbage is not thrown away, children’s toys scattered everywhere, or odor appears around the house.

Detailed things like that can sometimes be the key to whether someone is interested in buying or not. So, rajinlah clean up the house you yes.

5. Not completely honest

Buyers do not like surprises. Moreover, a bad surprise at the last moment before the deal. What do you mean? You are not entirely honest in explaining your house for sale. It is best to explain all the details pertaining to your home at the earliest.

In some cases, this is a significant effect. But sometimes also not significant. Just as if a home buyer you’ve already fallen in love for the home you are selling. But of course it does not hurt to be open completely from scratch is not it?

Those are some mistakes in selling the house may unwittingly do. Errors in selling a home include; one set price, do not want out of capital, the house is not ready surveyed, the house is not in the best condition, and was not completely honest.  Hopefully some mistakes in selling houses in this article may help you to sell your home.

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