8 Benefits Pisang Ambon For Young Pregnant Women And Fetus

Although not regarded as an excellent fruit, the Indonesian people familiar with the course, bananas. Did you know, turned out to young pregnant women are encouraged to consume this fruit? Benefits of bananas for pregnant women very much, because the rich nutritional content, such as calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, folic acid, magnesium, keratinoid, amino acids, and others.
Pisang Ambon benefits for Pregnant Women

Pisang Ambon benefits for pregnant women in the first trimester

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the mother must undergo many changes, not only in the physical but also emotional and psychological. Apparently, the benefits of bananas for young pregnant women was obtained from vitamin B6 is high. Banana fruit useful to meet the needs of vitamin B6, which increased to 1.9 mg per day during pregnancy. In fact, the study found that the banana is a fruit that is the richest in vitamin B6. One large banana fruit can supply about 50% of the daily requirement of vitamin B!

Vitamin B6 works to control blood pressure, forming a network of healthy cells, and carry nerve impulses in a positive way. Bananas help control emotional state or mood mothers who are experiencing morning sickness by stimulating the formation of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin (dubbed as the feel-good hormone), so that pregnant women are not emotionally labile during the period of the first trimester.

Pisang Ambon benefits for Pregnant Women and Fetus

In addition to controlling nausea due to morning sickness, the following is a benefit of bananas to other young pregnant women:
A source of energy and caloric needs, so that pregnant women do not need to eat to excess. It is beneficial to prevent obesity or even gestational diabetes
Meet the needs of potassium and potassium, prevent cramps, and maintain the balance of body fluids
As well as the benefits of strawberries are rich in vitamin C, 1 fruit bananas can meet about 15% of the daily requirement of vitamin C
Stimulates the production of red blood cells and prevent anemia due to its content of zinc-high
Prevent constipation, because bananas are rich in dietary fiber
Support the growth of new cells in the fetus, especially during the period of the 2nd trimester and 3rd
Pisan folic acid required for the growth of nerve and brain of the fetus. Folic acid deficiency can result in premature birth and birth defects
Meet the calcium needs of the fetus, so that bones grow optimally.
Two bananas can meet the needs of pregnant women extra energy, to support fetal growth and maintain stamina mother. To optimize the benefits of bananas for pregnant women, you can process them creatively in order not to be bored (due to susceptible young pregnant women experience changes in appetite). For example, bananas can be processed into smoothies with added fresh fruit such as strawberries, is processed into ice cream, or used as a sandwich.

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