8 Perceptions About Hajj And Umrah That Needs To Be Clarified Part 1

In society there are some outstanding views of the Hajj and Umrah, which needs to be clarified. View  which eventually led to the refusal or delay to perform Hajj and Umrah. Should it when there is willingness, done faster is better not even postpone it.

As the hadith narrated by Ibn Abbas ra, The Prophet said:

“Whoever is supposed to go on the pilgrimage, the acceleration (Abu Dawud, Attarghib)”

Some perceptions about the Hajj and Umrah that need be straightened.People capable of Hajj and Umrah, but have not done so because there are some wrong perceptions about the Hajj and Umrah.


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  1. There are no calls for Hajj and Umrah

Indeed, the call for a pilgrimage to Baitulloh been echoed since the days of the prophet Abraham when God ordered Prophet Ibrahim to rebuild the Kabah. After so then God instructed the Prophet Ibrahim to summon people to come to visit the temple.

And summon mankind to pilgrimage, they will come to thee on foot and riding a camel that was meager. They come from every deep ravine (Surat al-Hajj: 27)

Therefore, those who leave Hajj and Umrah recommended that sounds a lot like talbiyah:

Labbaika ALLOHUMMA Labbayk, Labbaika laa syariika Labbayk laka. innal hamda wan ni “eye laka wal mulka laa syariilak.


I have come to the call, O God, I have come to fulfill your calling. I have come to fulfill your call no partner to You, I come to meet your call. Verily all praise delicious, and all thy power is owned, no partner to You.

Talbiyah is actually the answer to the call of Prophet Ibrahim above.

  1. Still too young to perform Hajj and Umrah

The Hajj and Umrah is actually a worship severe enough to require great physical and mental. Therefore, while the younger contrary’ve Hajj or Umrah’ve minimal. If we as young’ve haj or umrah then when do we can submissive assist elderly pilgrims to carry out worship in the holy land. When we perform the pilgrimage, or umrah then later we will find most of the pilgrims are elderly. The Holy Prophet said:

Jihad who are old, weak, and women is Hajj and Umrah (hr Nasai, Targhib)

That way we will get a double reward for our own worship and also to help other people worship.

  1. Still feeling a lot of sins

Hajj and Umrah we do will eliminate the sins we have committed. Of any sins we commit as much foam in the ocean, even if we will repent, let alone accompanied by noble worship in the holy land then God willing, will remove the sins we commit. Even though we went on a pilgrimage to the land previously holy no feeling anything but if we see the temple and see the atmosphere that was there then our hearts want to cry and realized the sins we do. And when God accepted hajj or umra we then no reply other than heaven as a hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah, the Messenger of Allah said:

There is no reward for Hajj except Mabrur heaven (Mustafaq night, niche)

  1. Hajj and Umrah Hajj Mabrur not travel

There are after Hajj or Umrah then show photo while in the holy land, there is a mejeng in front of a five star hotel, selfie photos with background Kabah, or Nabawi mosque. Likewise many Hajj and Umrah travel agents that offer advantages for example include the bureau with five star hotel facilities, offering the joy of Indonesian cuisine menu at Hajj, ease of transportation, and consumption accommodation  Hajj in the holy land. Even more exciting is the pilgrimage packages that often hold promo-style consumer goods “Immediately register yourself in this list may Hp threes, four of them can be a tablet …… ..etc. This is actually the biggest challenge in performing Hajj and Umrah and not in saudi arabia weather is hot, nor differences in culture and language but keep the substance of the Hajj and Umrah to worship solely to Allah swt.

In Al-Baqara (2) paragraph 196 Allah Almighty says:

Atimmu merchandise lightning visit lilaah


And complete the Hajj and Umrah (mu) for Allah alone.

It’s important that we always straightened intention in the beginning, when in the course of Hajj and Umrah, even after returning from holy ground while maintaining the intention.

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