Africa Twin Successor Comes!

In good appetizers manner the scene is made hot on the “Next Big Thing”: Honda has two images with details of a new enduro published and confirmed at the same time that a successor to the legendary Africa Twin actually goes into production.


Under the somewhat unwieldy name “True Adventure” Honda exhibited at the exhibition Eicma 2014 the prototype of a new enduro. As great as the joy of the traveler scene was about as clear was the fact that the vehicle shown was so well not go into production. Even after the “if” was still a small question mark.

But now it’s official: The legendary Africa Twin get a successor! The blank in the photos deliberately bleak held recognizable details hope this is good news. At least indicated the relatively slim Bodywork attention to serious efforts to a low vehicle weight.

Despite current design language styling hints at elements of the model, in which the lines of the radiator grille clearly influences the design of the current Cross models can be seen. This is certainly not accidental, but was staked with the prototype of the claim “True Adventure” shown at the EICMA. And as it did, the Africa Twin XRV the model working name refers also the naming of the successor to the current terrain sports brand models: CRF 1000 L is the new hot.

In contrast to Africa Twin CRF 1000 L is not driven by a V-engine, but by a parallel twin. In terms of chassis can yet be considered certain only the use of a bridge frame with welded rear and an upside-down fork as front suspension.

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