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beautiful words will sometimes make our lives more colorful though.As words of encouragement or motivation words, words of love, and aphorisms. Today we will provide some quotes that might increase the motivation in life or in relationships.

Words of wisdom

Aphorisms that we present may be somewhat representative of the feelings of the reader.Usually the theme of poetic aphorisms heart-wrenching yet stored therein various kinds of meaning that could represent the feelings of all of us. Perhaps rather than linger longer directly following we present some quotes that might represent your feelings everything. kata kata mutiara cinta
“Life is not always what you want, the bad and good things always happen, but it has been arranged by God with a beautiful end”
“Everyone has problems, better find a solution to your problem, do not compare with other people’s problems”
“Being manusi the best is the one who provides benefits for others”
“Failure is an experience, do not ever be afraid to fail, because we can learn from it”
“Apparel is a human mask, the behavior is a manifestation of actual”
“Helping a way to cover a lie is tantamount to lying to itself”
“If we are not yet ripe for criticism, then we are too young to be praised”
“Being a candle means give light to others and let ourselves ternakar”
“Do not hate those who say bad things to bring you down, because they make stronger every day”
“The power can not keep peace, peace can only be achieved by understanding”
“Sadness is just opaque sheet that is in the book of life, which has to do is throw it away and replace it with a new sheet”
“One of the best things is to see the smiles on the faces of your parents, and realize that you’re the reason they smile”
“Do not expect to cut corners to get a long-lasting success”
“Laughing at other people’s problems it is very easy, but laugh at your problem? It was just a great man who could”
“Do not insult the shape of goods which is a small, tiny needles could only shed blood”
“Think whatever you say at this time, because every word that will come out of your mouth, it will not be withdrawn ‘
“People who know him lie, then he would not trust the people who are honest”
“Friend is someone who is always there beside you, patiently listen to your hurt, and willing to always accompany live”
“Friends are true and faithful, worth more than all the gold in the world”
“Happiness does not mean that everything is perfect, but happy is when you decide to see all perfectly”
“Those who dare to act approached success, but they were timid and did not dare to take the consequences are rarely seized with success”
“Life is like a drama, you only have to choose a player or a spectator”
“There are no secrets to success. Success is happening because of the preparation, hard work and willing to learn from failure”
“The pride is not because we never fail, but when we get up after a fall”
“We are given a tongue, but we were also given two ears so we could hear twice as much than talking”
“Do not remember the kindness we have done, but remember the good that others have done to us”
“Many people say that opportunity only once. That is not true, obtaining a chance will come as long as we are ready to respond”
“A good friend would not ask his friend to others, good friends will receive his friend is”
“Humans are not designed to fail, but the man himself who designed a failure”
“Vision without execution is a daydream, but execution without a mission is a nightmare”
“Genius is someone who can make things look complicated to be simple”
“Do not say: O God, I have a big problem, but say: ‘Hey problem, I have a God who is great”
“Pondering in a minute, can save our lives in one day”
“In doing something we do not have to be an expert, because of the expertise it will come when we do”
“Better to be hated for being myself, instead of having favored but to be someone else”
“One of the characteristics of a smart person is one who is able to utilize his dream becomes more useful to others”
“Every story has a definite end, but in the end life is a new beginning”
“Everyone is trying to achieve great things, without realizing that life is a collection of small dots”
“not to be a successful human being but a human being useful”
“Learning it exhausting, but it would be tired if one day later today do not learn”
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