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Biography Francesco Totti was born in Rome, Italy, 27 September 1976 , As players born in Rome and graduated from academy AS Roma, Francesco Totti was born and raised inRome’s Porta Metronia environment and a Romanista . Totti made a first senior appearance for Roma when he was 16 years old in March 1993 against Brescia away from home. In 1995, Totti had become a regular for Roma and became club captain in 1997, a post that he has maintained ever since.

Prince of Rome a Roma legendary icon, not only because of his prowess on the gridiron, but also because the act-his actions were often the media spotlight. it can be said he is a versatile actor in the field. dribling action and also action divingnya equally make football AS Roma without Totti’s presence is like an opera without a story. Many great player who has exceeded his accomplishments, but there are things Totti figure prominently in that a player who is different from the others. He had a great influence for his team. AS Roma are very dependent on Totti, one of the most valuable techniques of this player is keeping the ball, passing and free-kick, but it is clear from all this because he has the talent to be an actor on the gridiron, something that could add to the confidence for the co- his team-mates. One of the properties that are not owned by other players is that he always played with aplomb, a penalty kick slowly and leads to the center is one gambling in football, but its success is because he is a very confident player. flopped when collide with players opponents have a 50-50 chance, 50% and 50% he is successful he will be awarded a yellow card.Characters have made the whole world knew. Totti until now known as a symbol of AS Roma and earned the nickname ” The Prince of Rome ” by the club’s faithful tifosi.
Francesco Totti is always marked as the Golden Boy of Italian and in Euro 2000 he did prove his potential. He has earned his first international trophy to Italy two years ago in 1998 against Switzerland in qualifying for Euro 2000 and is one of the best players in the competition. Together with Gabriel Batistuta, Hidetoshi Nakata , and Cafu , Totti drove the Italian capital club won the Serie- A third in 2001. After participating in the Italy squad under coach Marcello Lippi won the world title at the world Cup in Germany 2006, Totti later resigned from the Italian national team. But do not close the possibility of returning to the national team when the Italian national team coach called him. Married with Ilary Blasi and has been blessed with two children named Cristian and Chanel. Totti ever get the golden boot in the 2006/2007 season by scoring 26 goals in Serie A. Totti is the second Italian player who got it after Luca Toni in the previous season. Totti made his debut with Roma in 1993 and currently paid 5.8 million euros per season, or is the highest among the other Roma players.
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