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Slank is a famous music group in Indonesia.Formed by Bimbim on December 26, 1983 due to tired to play music a cover band and have a strong desire to create their own songs. Slank is the embryo of the birth of a group called Cikini Stones Complex (CSC) formed Bimo Setiawan Sidhartha (Bimbim) in the early 80s. This band only played Rolling Stones songs and did not want to play songs from other bands, as a result they end up bored and towards the end of 1983 the group disbanded. Bimbim continue their musical passion with his two brothers Denny and Erwan form Red Evil which was later renamed so Slank, a name taken away from the scorn of people who often call them boys selengean with additional personnel Bongky (guitar) and Ford (guitar). Bimbim residence on Jl. Potlot 14 so their headquarters.

They had appeared at some stage by bringing his own songs before Erwan decided to resign because they feel hopeless in Slank. With a long struggle formed the formation of the 13th, Bimbim, Kaka, Bongky, Pay and Indra, the new Slank solid. With the formation Bimbim (Drum), Bongky (Bass), Pay (guitar), Kaka (vocals) and Indra (Keyboard) they started to make demos to be offered to the record company. After repeatedly rejected, finally in 1990 the demo accepted and started recording debut album-Suit Suit … He He He (Sexy Girl). It’s an album that featured the hit and I’m sorry it went off the market so that they were rewarded BASF Award for best newcomer. Their second album, Kampungan also achieve the same success. DRUGS involvement of its personnel with the drug had given birth a rift in the body of the band based on the road this pencil. At the time of the album’s sixth (Again Sad), Bimbim as leader finally decided to fire Bongky, Pay and Indra. Kaka and Bimbim still working on 6th album with the help of an additional player.

Instead they recruit Ivanka (Bass), Mohamad Ridho Hafiedz (Ridho) and Abdee State (Abdee). This formation lasted until today and they continue to give birth to works that affirm their existence in the world of Indonesian music. Bimo Setiawan Almachzumi Nick Name: Bimbim DOB: Jakarta, 25 December Believe: Islamic Height / Weight: 173 cm / 52 kgs Hobbies: Soccer Influence: Van Hallen, the Rolling Stones, Queen Position: Drums / Percussions / Guitar Musical Background: Self learning to drumming at the age of 13. First gigs in Junior High with Cikini Stones Complex. Former member of SLANK. Akhadi Wira Satriaji Nick Name: Kaka DOB: Jakarta, 10 March Believe: Islamic Height / Weight: 171 cm / 60 kgs Hobbies: Soccer Influence: Bob Marley, David


Position : Guitars / Vocal Cord
Musical Background :
Learnt to sing at the age 9, Forming a band with cousins and friends in Junior High. Self learn to sing by listening his favourites musician’s recorded tapes, Vocalist of LOVINA band, borrowed as vocalistIvan Kurniawan Arifin
Nick Name : Ivanka
D.O.B : Jakarta, 9 Desember
Believe : Islam
Height/Weight : 170 cm / 55 kgs
Hobby : Musics
Influence : Rolling Stones, Beatles
Position : Bass / Guitars
Musical Background :
Began to learn guitar at the age of 14 . Finalist at West Java Rock Festival. Foemer member of House Of The Rising Sun Band, Bass player for Imanez’ Otto Jam, Supporting musician for SLANK’s 6th local album.

Mohammad Ridwan Hafiedz
Nick Name : Ridho
D.O.B : Ambon, 3 September
Believe : Islam
Height/Weight : 173 cm / 50 kgs
Hobby : Soccer
Influence : Blues Saraceno, Nick Nolan, Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix
Position : Guitars
Musical Background :
Began to learn music in Samarinda at the age 12. Former member of Cat Power Band. Took a musical course with Didi AGP and Bintang Indiarto in high school. Former member of Last Few Minutes (LFM) Band. Took a guitar course at Musician Institute Hollywood,LA. Supporting musician for Vina Panduwinata, Nita Tilana, Nugie, Vony Sumlang. Joining SLANK in the recording album “TUJUH”.

Abdee Negara
Nick Name : Abdee
D.O.B : Donggala, 28 June
Believe : Islam
Height/Weight : 170 cm / 50 kgs
Hobby : Motor Cross
Influence : Keith Richard, Jimmy Hendrix
Position : Guitars
Musical Background :
Took a guitar course at ILW Farabi in 1988. Supporting musician for Gideon Tengker, Ermy Kulit, Michael “Sket” Meyer, Eki Lamoh. Former member of Interview Band with Hengky Supit, DOR Band with Wawan and Michael Meyer, ENEMES Band with Sandy and Iram “U” Camp, Makhatana Band with Dino and Yoyo “Bayou”, KRS with Cendy Luntungan, Harry Anggoman. ARJACO with Arthur Kaunang and James F. Sundah.

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