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Biography Mahfud MD. He was born with the full name of Mohammad Mahfud was born on May 13, 1957 in Omben, Sampang Madura, Mahfud MD recorded has served as Chief Justice (Constitutional Court) Indonesia , Mahfud MD was born of a couple Mahmodin and Suti Khadidjah.Mahmodin, the man from the village of Plakpak, District Pangantenan are clerks in the office Omben, Sampang. Mahmodin more fondly known as Pak Emmo (the second syllable of Mah-mo-din, who added the prefix em). In bislit appointment as a civil servant, Emmo given by the government’s full name becomes Emmo Prawiro Truno. As clerks, Mahmodin often sedentary tasks. After the Omben, when Mahfud was two months old, the family moved again Mahmodin to the area of origin is located in District Pamekasan and Waru. It was there Mahfud spent his childhood and start an education until the age of 12 years. Starting from the surau learning to elementary school.
Mahfud MD was the fourth of seven children, three brother among others Dhaifah, Maihasanah and Zahratun. While a third brother named Siti Hunainah, Achmad Subkhi and Siti Marwiyah. Background of his family life in a religious environment make an important provision of the Arabic name. Especially for Mahfud, the meaning of the name “Mahfud” itself is “who are awake”. With a name that is expected Mahfud-preserved of things that are bad. The initials Mahfud MD behind the name is an abbreviation of the name of his father, Mahmodin, and is not an academic degree as most people think. Actually until graduation SD no initials after the name Mahfud MD. Only when he entered secondary school, exactly enter the Master of Religious Education (PGA), an additional name originated. When the school in the first grade three student named Mohammad Mahfud. It made his homeroom teacher asked that behind every name Mahfud marked A, B, and C. However, since the code is considered as number tricycles, homeroom and then decided to put his name behind the name of each mahfud. Be Mahfud wear Mahfud name Mahmodin while another classmate named Mahfud Musyaffa ‘and Mahfud Madani. In a way, Mahfud felt that the circuit Mahfud Mahmodin name sounds less cool so Mahmodin disingkatnya becomes MD. Additional initials name was originally used only in class, but at the time of writing graduation certificates SMP (PGA), initials forget crossed that carried on until a high school diploma, university, and professors. That’s because the name on the diploma at every level is based on the name of the previous certificate. Departing from there the official name became Moh Mahfud. Mahfud MD. In general, school education or Mahfud MD tend to zig-zag. That is, a series of education is a combination of religious education and general education. Mahfud basic education to learn Islam from the surau and madrasah diniyyah in Waru village, north Pamekasan. Sign the age of seven years, learned about Mahfud preoccupied with every day. The morning underwent primary school education, studied at madrasah in the afternoon and spend the night until morning at the surau. After graduating from elementary school, Mahfud sent to study in the School of Teacher Education Religion (PGA) State in Pamekasan. At that time, there was pride bagiorang Madura that his son could be a teacher of the Koran, teachers, clerics or religious teacher. Graduated from the PGA after four years of study, Mahfud Judge elected to follow Islamic Education (Phin), featured a vocational school owned by the Ministry of Religion which is located in Yogyakarta. This school luluan recruit the best of the PGA and MTs throughout Indonesia.
Mahfud graduated from Phin in 1978, the plan was about to go back to school to PTIQ (College of Sciences of the Qur’an) in Egypt. While waiting for approval of the scholarship, Mahfud try lectures at the Islamic University of Indonesia Faculty of Law and Faculty of Arts (Department of Arabic Literature) UGM. But apparently because already at home in the Faculty of Law, Mahfud decided to continue their education at the Faculty of Law, Islamic University of Indonesia dirangkapnya with a lecture at the Faculty of Literature and Humanities University of Gadjah Mada Arabic Literature Department. But studies at the Faculty of Literature does not continue because it was the science of Arabic acquired in the majors was no more than that obtained when at boarding first.Given the power of parents are mediocre, Mahfud actively seek their own tuition fees, including persistent scholarship. It was not difficult for Mahfud, through the writings were published in the Daily and People’s Sovereignty Day Present, Mahfud managed to get honorarium. Likewise, UII Rector scholarship, Supersemar Foundation and Yayasan Dharma Siswa Madura successfully acquired. Since SMP MD, Mahfud teens interested in witnessing frenetic election campaign. That is where the seeds of her passion for politics looks. In college her passion for politics and disalurkannya increasingly upset with the poor across intra universiter various student organizations such as the Student Senate, Student Representative Council and the Student Press. Previous Mahfud also active in the organization of extra universiter Islamic Students Association (HMI).

The options on the HMI is driven by its understanding of the political terrain in the UII. When it is to be a leader of intra-campus organization must be stamped as an activist HMI. However, some intra-campus organization he’s ever attended, only the Student Press Agency that the most he elaborated. History records, he was a leader in the student magazine of Justice (faculty of law), he also led the student magazine Muhibbah (university level). Because it is so critical of the New Order government, which never led Muhibbah magazine once banned twice. The first banned by Pangkopkamtib Soedomo (1978) and finally banned by the Minister of Information Murtopo in 1983.Graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1983, Mahfud keen to go to work, teaching at his alma mater as a lecturer with the status of a civil servant (PNS). Over time cultivate the science of law, Mahfud find a variety of anxiety related to the role and position of law. Disappointment at the law began to unfold, Mahfud law always defeated by political decisions. Departing from anxiety, Mahfud motivated to want to study Political Science. According to Mahfud, the law can not work properly because it has always interfered by politics. He saw that the political energy is always more powerful than the energy law that he wanted to study political science. Therefore, when it comes the opportunity to enter the Graduate Program S-2 in the field of Political Science at tahun1985 at UGM, Mahfud without hesitation soon follow suit. In UGM, Mahfud receive lectures from professors of Political Science renowned as Moeljarto Tjokrowinoto, Mochtar Mas’oed, Ichlasul Amal Yahya Muhamin, Amien Rais, and others. The decision took Political Science that in fact different from the concentration in the field of constitutional law not without consequence. Because as a lecturer (PNS), when taking further studies outside the field will not count for the ladder. That’s why after graduating from S-2 Political Science, Mahfud then follow the Doctoral Program (S-3) in the Science of Constitutional Law at the Graduate Program UGM until finally graduated as a doctorate (1993). His doctoral dissertation on “Political Law” is quite phenomenal and reading material staple in the graduate field of state administration at various universities because the approach which combines two areas of science is the science of law and political science. In the history of doctoral education at UGM, Mahfud registered as participants of doctoral education who completed their studies quickly. Education S-3 in the UGM was completed in just over 2 years and 8 months. Until that time (1993) to the field of Social Sciences in UGM almost nothing can be completed as quickly as it was, on average, completed doctoral education for 5 years.On completing his studies speed S-3 was Mahfud said that not because he is smart or has certain privileges, malainkan due diligence and support of its promoters, namely Prof. Moeljarto Tjokrowinoto, Prof. Maria SW Sumardjono, and Prof. Affan

Gaffar. In addition to always diligently read and write all over the place for the purposes of his dissertation, the three promoters were also sent Mahfud to the United States, precisely to Columbia University (New York) and Northern Illinois University (DeKalb) to conduct a literature study on politics and the law for one year. when to study literature at the Asian Studies Center, Columbia University, New York Mahfud gathered by Artidjo Alkostar, senior and former lecturer at the Faculty of Law UII is now a supreme judge, whereas when it became academic researchers at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb Mahfud gathered by Andi A . Mallarangeng who is now a spokesman for President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono . When Andi Mallarangeng chairs the Association of Muslims in the region so that Mahfud was given a room without renting in a room which is used as mosques and Muslim student family gathering place in many countries. Career employment and occupation Mahfud MD including rare and unusual because it was so incredible. How not, starting from a career as a then incredible taste and strategically important positions respectively on the three branches of power, the executive, legislative and judicial.

Mahfud MD began his career as a lecturer at his alma mater, Faculty of Law, Islamic University of Indonesia, Yogyakarta, in 1984 with the status as a civil servant. In 1986-1988, Mahfud believed to act in the office Secretary of the Department of Constitutional Law FH UII, and continues inaugurated as Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law UII from 1988 to 1990. In 1993, he has achieved his Doctorate degree from the Graduate School of Gadjah Mada University. Next, the position as Director Karyasiswa UII lived from 1991 until 1993. In 1994, the university chose him as the First Vice Rector for the period 1994-1998. In the years 1997-1999, Mahfud noted as Panelist Member of the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education. Mahfud had also served as the Director of Graduate UII in 1998-2001. In the same time frame ie 1998-1999 Mahfud also served as assessors in the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education. The climax, Mahfud MD inaugurated as Professor or Professor of Political Law in 2000, the still relatively young age which is 40 years. Mahfud was recorded as a lecturer in the Faculty of Law UII first to reach the degree of Doctor in 1993. He jumped ahead of former lecturer and senior -seniornya at UII, even some of the former professors and seniors who later became a student or dibimbingnya in graduate education. Backed by his paper very much, either in the form of books, journals, and scientific papers, from Associate Professor Madya, Mahfud jump again, immediately became a Master. If counted from the beginning as a lecturer until the title of professor, Mahfud only takes 12 years. It becomes something quite memorable for him. Because generally a person can embrace the title of Professor of minimal takes 20 years from the beginning of his career. By that time, Mahfud holds the record for the fastest in the history of the Great Master’s degree attainment.Accomplishment Mahfud was achieved at the age of just turned 41 years old. No wonder if at that time, Mahfud classified as Professor of the youngest in his day. One name that can be aligned is Yusril Ihza Mahendra , who also won a teacher at a young age.

The Executive Jobs Mahfud MD increasingly brilliant, not only in the academic sphere but into the ranks of the executive bureaucracy at the central level as in the year 1999-2000 was asked to become the Implementing task Assistant to the Minister of State for human rights (Echelon IB). Next in 2000 was appointed to the post of Echelon IA as Deputy Secretary of State for Human Rights, which is in charge of product legislation on human rights. Have not quite got there, his career continued to rise in 2000-2001 when the former activists of HMI is confirmed as Secretary of Defense in the National Unity Cabinet in the era of President Abdurrahman Wahid . Previously, Mahfud was offered the post of Attorney General by President Abdurrahman Wahid, but refused because they do not have the technical ability. In addition to being Minister of Defense, Mahfud had also served as Minister of Justice and Human Rights after Yusril Ihza Mahendra dismissed as Minister of Justice and Human Rights by President Gus Dur on February 8, 2001. Although recognized, Mahfud was never effectively became the Minister of Justice was appointed on July 20, 2001 and Monday, July 23, Abdurrahman stepped down. Since then Mahfud into the outgoing Minister of Justice and Human Rights.
Legislative Want to try a new world, Mahfud MD decided to go into practical politics. Mahfud he became Chairman of the Department of Law and Justice DPP National Mandate Party (PAN) in the early days of the party was formed which Mahfud also gave birth. Had decided to return to his academic world with out of the PAN and returned to campus. Although starting a career in the PAN, Mahfud was continued on in the party which he declared that, even then joined his mentor, Gus Dur in the National Awakening Party. Not a long wait, Mahfud believed to be the Vice Chairman of the Board tanfidh National Awakening Party (PKB) in 2002-2005. In the midst of the bustle of politics, the Islamic University of Kadiri (Uniska) proposed Mahfud MD to become Rector of 2003-2006. Although willing, but some time later Mahfud resign for fear can do when he became rector optimal due to the busyness and domicile are outside Kediri. Their work continues, this time in the political world, Mahdud elected to the House of Representatives 2004-2008. Mahfud MD on duty at Commission III since 2004.bersama colleagues at the National Awakening Party. But since 2008, Mahfud MD moved to Commission I of the DPR. In addition to being a member of the legislature, since 2006 Mahfud also be a Team Member Consultant at the National Law Development Agency (BPHN) Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Depkumham).

Judiciary Not satisfied career in the executive and legislative branches, Mahfud MD steady drop options to serve in the realm judiciary to be a judge constitution through parliament. After going through a series of fit and proper test process with 16 candidates for constitutional judges in the House of Representatives Commission III finally Mahfud along with Akil Mochtar and Asshiddiqie was elected constitutional judge from the path of the House.Mahfud MD elected to replace a judge of the Constitutional Achmad Roestandi age to full duty. His inauguration as judge of the Constitutional starting April 1, 2008, based on Presidential Decree Number 14 / P / 2008, which is set in Jakarta on March 28, 2008. Subsequently, on the election of the Chairman of the Constitutional Court, which is relatively open in the plenary hall of the Constitutional Court Building , Jakarta, Tuesday, August 19, 2008, Mahfud MD was elected Chairman of the Constitutional Court 2008-2011 replaced the previous chairman, Asshiddiqie. In voting, Mahfud edged, one voice that gets moderate Jimly 5 4 votes. Officially, Mahfud MD was sworn in and took the oath Chairman of the Constitutional Court in the Constitutional Court, on Thursday, August 21, 2008.

Interrupted his busy as Chairman of the Constitutional Court, Mahfud MD always took the time to teach, usually on Saturday and Sunday. Mahfud accustomed to such conditions, because of the early career, Mahfud was eager to become a teacher, possessed soul is the soul of teaching. It is already apparent since the small Mahfud aspires to become a teacher of the Koran. After college, Mahfud want to be teachers, because teachers like to look at creative and argumentative. Mahfud often absent even when the faculty member teaching faculty which is not creative.

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