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Biography Nicholas Saputra. Actor Indonesian movie is  born in Jakarta, February 24, 1984, the descendants of Indo-German artist with a father named Horst Schbring, Nicholas began his career as a model at a fashion show by Samuel Wattimena. His acting debut occurs through AADC. His name became known after starring in the film Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? (AADC) in 2002. Nicholas who already liked the world of acting since childhood, joined casting the film several times before finally accepted as an actor Rangga in AADC. He studied the field of Architecture in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia .
He was nominated as best actor in Indonesian Film Festival in 2004 for his role in two films, each Biola Tak Berdawai and Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? , But lost Tora Sudiro (Arisan!). A year later, the Indonesian Film Festival in 2005, he again featured in two films in the same category-for role as Soe Hok Gie in Gie and as Joni in Janji Joni -and won the award for her role as Gie. In 2007, Nicholas starred in 3 Days to Forever together Adinia Wirasti . Film by Riri Riza ‘s quite acclaim in various international film festivals though not included in the Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) in 2007. The following year, 2008, Nicholas returned to acting in a three-length movies over 30 minutes running in theaters.
Namely movie Love Setaman (director Harry Dagoe), Draupadi (Riri Riza) and 3 Doa 3 Cinta (Nurman Judge). Film latter drove Nicholas won the “Leading Actor” in Guardians e-Awards 2009 and best actor back to being featured in the Indonesian Film Festival 2008.Nicholas was awarded in the field of acting of various kind bestowal FFI. His first award as Best Actor Bali International Film Festival in 2003 for her role in the film Biola Tak Berdawai. In addition, Nicholas also be Most Favorite Actor version of MTV Indonesia Movie Awards 2005 and Best Actor Indonesian Movie Awards 2007 for her role in the film Janji Joni.
Recognition of others on the ability of Nicholas, he got in the form of a speaker in various training on the film and a judge on the Film festivals in overseas want any. One is with a jury Best Asian Films in Singapore International Film Festival 2008 who compete Silver Screen Awards. Career Nicholas was also filled with starring in a short film for the campaign of a brand car, the Yaris Movie (2006) and other films titled Hulahoop soundings along Ladya Cheryl which aired in the Jakarta International Film Festival (Jiffest) 2008. in addition to a career as an actor, Nicholas also be commercials range of products and models of video clips, among othersSomeone (you, 2002), Not Able Mendua (Kahitna, 2003), Remember you (Duo Maia, 2008), Shadows (Nidji band, 2008) and Never Young (Bunga Citra Lestari, 2008).
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