How To Buy Shoes For Road Cycling

As in most sports shoes are a must when biking road element. Choose a good product will help the athlete to achieve better performance. Currently the market offers different models of shoes that fit the profile of each cyclist. And it must take into account aspects such as the level and use that will do. What is the first thing we have to keep in mind when choosing a shoe for road cycling? sepatu sepeda

The first is to assess the use that is going to do and the purpose of the rider. If a shoe high performance is sought is advisable to have the sole carbon fiber, very rigid and lightweight. If what is sought is the sole comfort can be thicker. In this case the yield offered is lower, but gains in comfort.

What other aspect must be taken into account?

The shoe has to adapt well to the foot, can not go very tight because the foot expands summer and in winter, if it gets too cold can freeze. When we find a shoe that fits perfectly keep in mind that there are different types of lasts. There are brands that make wider lasts for athletes who need it. Another factor to consider is the locking system, most models feature velcro closure or micrometer best picks foot. The important thing is that the foot securely. On the other hand, the shoe must be breathable canvas or other materials, but this is a feature with which all technical models comply.

Is the weight of the shoe is important?

It is not the most important factor but if you’re the most has to be taken into account.

How much we have to toil away to purchase quality shoes techniques?

From 60 euros you can find technical Shimano models that are fine for beginners in road cycling, then we can find shoes of up to 300 euros.

And what are the differences between a product and one of 60 300 euros are?

Broadly speaking we can say that a model of 60 euros will be more robust, have a more flexible sole and the closure system is Velcro. A high-end model will have a thin sole carbon fiber and velcro closures combine with the micrometer. There is also a matter of design.

If we talk about brands, what would you advise us?

By value, perhaps because they say Shimano has a range of shoes to start good quality and price and then have high-end product that offers many benefits and high quality. In this sense, it has a model of top-end shoes that are thermo-moldable. To achieve that adapt perfectly to the foot of the customer, they get into an oven at a given temperature. Moreover, the Mavic brand also offers products of high quality but this firm has higher end models.

And if we talk about design?

In this case, certainly are Italian brands that win. There are brands that are very careful design, using bright colors … in short, go long for the eyes and tend to like more.

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