CONFUSED 2016 GO WHERE? 10 EVENT RECORD THIS LOCAL INDONESIA –Indonesia, an archipelago with a rich variety of religious, ethnic, Idioms, and habits are not the same. Of diversity is realized diverse cultural production by local residents. The results of this culture you can see, one of them shaped cultural festivals organized by local residents. Do not think just shows general yes, because this show is in fact able to attract the attention of foreign tourists as well. Well, in th. 2016, you can insert local time to see this moment.

1. Dieng Culture Festival, Banjarnegara
Dieng, with the exception of natural beauty there is also so unique culture. Festivals are often attracted to serve cultural performances that shaped Dieng Culture Festival or often abbreviated as DCF. Not only local tourists, but foreign tourists also enliven the DCF. Come on bln. July or August, you will be served a unique combination of custom art, independent wealth, and contemporary. One of the interesting to diliat ie cutting ceremony and pelarungan Dieng child dreads.

2. Jember Fashion Carnaval, Jember
Ever see Jember Fashion Carnaval first? When it has, in th. 2016 will not be the same as the first. The festival is going to be so special because coincided with the Carnaval Wonderful Indonesia Archipelago. This great event will be participated by 10 countries in Southeast Asia to participate enliven the festival. But for you who do not know whether it Jember Fashion Carnaval first, this event wearing a highway plan as a catwalk with some unique topic and not the same in every th .. They like the type who would berlenggak catwalk show diverse cultural products. If you want a look at it, this festival will run on 21-24 August 2016.

3. Java Jazz Festival, JIEXPO Kemayoran
This international event is held regularly every year. For those of you who love jazz, this is when you guys to see great performances from some sixty local and international artists. Write yes date workmanship 4-6 March 2016 and will be held in JIEXPO Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

4. Celebration of the Chinese New Year, Singkawang
Indeed hell, Chinese New Year can be celebrated anywhere, but feel the first celebrations in Singkawang. Borne will be th. The new most beautiful and festive. The most interesting thing in the celebration, there are performances of Tatung. Show summon the spirits full of mystical and thrilling. This show does not just involve people of Chinese descent, but residents dayak also played a part as well. In 2016, Chinese New Year and Cap Go Meh falls on February 8.

5. TABUIK, Padang Pariaman
TABUIK in his world title to commemorate the death of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Hussein bin Ali, which falls on the 10th of Muharram. According to legend, after the death of his world the grandson of the Prophet, a wooden box filled pieces Hussein’s body was flown to the sky by buraq (tangible beings and human-headed winged horse). Of the legend, a resident of Pariaman make mock buraq who carries on his back a wooden crate. In the 2016’s, TABUIK held on October 12.

6. Festival of Lake Toba, North Sumatra
Formerly, Lake Toba Festival known as Lake Toba Festival. This party is a local moment organized as a form of Sukur people to the presence of Lake Toba. After 2013, his name turned into the Lake Toba Festival held every year. Various attractions of both arts and culture and travel can exercise you enjoy the festival.

7. Signs Solo, Tana Toraja
Not just any wedding ceremony is getting attention from people of Tana Toraja. When someone dies, they also held a funeral ceremony that the process depends on the readiness of the bereaved family. Signs Solo, the designation of a series of funerals were done in days. You can view the sanctity of the ceremony and the excitement is due to open to the public. While not necessarily the process, but generally Signs Solo held in December.

8. Semana Santa, Larantuka
Not only Passover awaited Larantula citizens, one week in advance they had prepared the Holy Week is the Semana Santa. Throughout the week, many pilgrims from Flores Area as well as other areas such as Java and Bali to arrive. Uniquely, this celebration is not only associated with religion, but also incorporate the history of the Portuguese and the local customs. If you want a look at him, just come to Larantula in East Nusa Tenggara end of March.

9. Festival Legu Gam, Ternate
Sjah Mudaffar year celebration again called Sultan of Ternate was graced with Legu Gam Festival. Except as another celebration of the sultan, Festival Legu Gam is also used to promote the culture of the Sultanate and the Sultanate of Ternate in North Maluku others. Dance performances Legu ie events that can not be left out some visitors. This dance is not arbitrary because is staged dance empire. Requires procession is done to stage dance, Doru yiatu Gam, Kololi Kie Kie and Fere. Wanting to know more? Look at the festival soon in April.

10. Festival of Lake Sentani, Jayapura
Starting from 2007, the Lake Sentani Festival the first time in the title with a festive and sampa now become an annual event in Jayapura. With the exception of local tourists, the festival is held every mid-June, attracting the attention of foreign tourists know. Many are interested because they offer cultural performances shaped ceremonial customs, dances, and typical culinary Papua.

So, for the preparation of the agenda of the current yuk to come to one relation between Indonesia’s local moment!

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