Designing The House To Make It Look Glamorous With Minimal Cost

What is the definition of glamor in the sense of home design ?

Glamor is often interpreted as something of Indonesia luxurious way. But, according to Lynda, glamorous in decor home decor means with good traction.


“Glamour is a beautiful objects, can also be sophisticated, elegant, and bold. To be sure, glamor was prominent. For many people, it may not be able to decorate the interior design ideas master bedroom house with glamor theme. And if you want a little effort, it is possible we have a house with interior glamor, “says Lynda.

Where do we start to make it home to make it look glamorous?

There are some important things to make the house look glamorous. Glamor home should always be neat and orderly. It is important and necessary discipline of its inhabitants. You must be diligent in cleaning the surface of the furniture . Glass and metal must always be polished.Accessories must be neatly in place.

After  yourself, start looking for inspiration. You can also follow the inspiration that comes to himself. Designs like what you think is best? Think carefully and follow the inspiration that comes out of your head.

Where to find things glamorous with a limited budget?

If you hear the word ” luxury “, many people think that luxury was sparkling. Sparkles and bling-bling is different. Means sparkling shiny, while the bling-bling contrast can look tacky and a little overdone. It does not look glamorous at all.

Glamor it leads to balance. With a little knowledge, you can search for shiny items with low budget. In fact, you can look it up in the thrift store, or an online shop that normally give low prices.

Choose items made of silver. Choose a crystal glass that can be displayed in an open dish rack, or even a collection in the dining room wall. Silk fabric can be used to add an aura of luxury in a room.

What make something look fancy?

Something may look fancy, when it looks special. Material can look luxurious. Silver can look luxurious. Color can look luxurious. It all can evoke feelings about wealth and sophistication.

What objects are worth buying at high prices?

Invest in quality and durable objects. For example, a well-designed sofa worth buying, even though it costs a bit more expensive. Due to the expensive price and good quality, the sofa can be preserved for many years, so you will not need to be extravagant to buy a new sofa.

Other items are carpet. Recommended to buy a carpet area with parisian material. If you want to buy curtains, choose materials that are coated trim. Other furniture can been coated withveneers gold. It would seem a luxury, even though not gilded.

What used goods that could be used to make the house look more luxurious?

There are many places that can be visited to buy used, cheap, and good quality. Thrift stores, markets, clearance, and antique stores usually have a collection of interesting and inexpensive accessories.

All we need just a little polish. Secondhand goods that can be purchased to be easily cleaned, repaired and coated, such as furniture in leather and marble.

What colors can make a house look fancy?

Blue with white porcelain, glazed blue with red, dark maroon with green, purple, and gold. It is all the classic colors and can evoke a feeling of luxury.

The application can also be made of fine furnishings add a luxurious feel. Neutral gray is the color for luxury homes in France.

Is there a particular object or force that naturally look fancy?

Classic , traditional, and transitional arrangement will look luxurious. Glamor matter of quality, not quantity. So, you have to be careful not to put too much furniture.

Glamor can be formal, it may not. It further concerns the tastes and lifestyles. It’s about the classic and timeless design, elegance, refinement and sophistication.

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