Game Of War Main Buildings Guide

Game of War is a game for iOS (iPhone and iPad) where you build buildings and train armies to combat enemies and expand your town. Early in the game, the player is guided by Athena, which gives the basic guidelines of how the game. In this guide we will explain the main buildings, attack and defense strategies, explain how alliances and give some tips on how to play this fantastic online game for IOS.

In today’s article we will talk about a few buildings (in my point of view, leading to the game), and expose a little of the game. In the next article we will talk about collecting funds and their impact on the game.


Main Buildings Of Game Of War

Fortress – Game of War
The first building you must build is the strength. The Fortress is the center of their city and establishes their status in the world. The Fortress also provides an overview of the city when touched economy. It is essential to improve your Fortress to progress in the game. When you improve your Fortaleza, earn rewards and unlock new buildings for your city.

Quarter – Game of War
The Barracks trains the soldiers of his city. Improve Barracks increase the amount of troops you can train on each consignment. Build multiple Barracks will increase the overall effects. A special benefit of the Barracks is the defense reinforcement he gives to the troops. Every 5 levels, HQ offers an additional + 1% defense troops.
Some troops can only be accessed after they have been studied at the Academy.

Houses – Game of War
The home produce silver and increase the ability of silver production to his city. Top-level houses increased production and silver capacity. Build several houses increases the overall effects of the House. A special benefit of the House is the reinforcement training it gives to their troops. At each level, the house offers an additional + 1% troop reinforcement training, which speeds the training rate of your city. So if you have 5 Homes level 5, will have a 25% bonus training speed.

Embassy – Game of War
The Embassy allows shelter allied reinforcements. The improvement of its embassy increases backup capacity that you can keep. The embassy will house no reinforcements beyond its capacity. Reinforcements pay the actual cost of maintenance.

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