Amenities No developers who want to lose and give something for free. Each of the facilities provided in the housing, the cost is actually borne by consumers. These costs are perumahan di Semarang included in the price component. Therefore more and more amenities and better the quality of the facilities built, house price increases definitely expensive. Therefore choose housing facilities according to your needs.


STAGE TRANSACTIONS Choosing Payment Method In sale and purchase of the house there are several ways of payment is commonly done: cash, cash, or use a credit facility (mortgage). When using a mortgage facility, the credit agreement should be implemented after completion of the building houses approximately 80%. The goal is to reduce the risk of loss due to negligence or silliness unscrupulous developers. For example a house that should have been finished to be delayed because of the chaotic way developers work. Choosing a mortgage In choosing your mortgage tempted not only offer cheap flowers.


Moreover, the interest rate on all bank is now almost the same. Ease offered today is the same, guarantees a fixed rate for one to two years, after the floating. Therefore, pay attention to the extent to which the experience, service, and professionalism of the dealer bank mortgage. Often consumers complained about the poor service and long-winded process simply because banks are less experienced in handling mortgage. Banks that give too much leeway in the mortgage application process it needs to be watched. For example, the mortgage contract been performed before the house was built. If up to the developer defaults that losses in the future consumers themselves. Banks are quite prudent in disbursing mortgage makes consumer safety. Adjust your needs and abilities with the facilities provided by the bank. A number of banks mortgage dealer providing additional facilities without adding collateral. Eg mortgages + credit renovations, mortgages + car loan, mortgage plus free design, tiered installment, installments can be pulled back, and so on. Watch for the features it has to offer and get to know their pluses and minuses.

Understanding the SPA (Sale and Purchase Agreement) Do not rush to sign a reservation contract before you really understand PPJB draft. If the draft is incomplete must be made clauses. Understand every engagement point and should never sign if it is not obvious. PPJB in the rights and obligations of the developer to the consumer must be balanced. If one of broken promises must be willing to accept sanctions. Negligence average consumer just about any payments. Negligence being generally more developers. For example the construction specifications, delivery time, the signing of the deed of sale, delivery certificate, and others.

Check the Building Permit (IMB) IMB is the most basic permissions in setting up a building. If its existing permit, other permits automatic right. Consumers who purchase with a mortgage should be able to get a copy of it, or at least did not record his permit number.

Handover At the time of physical handover buildings, consumers must match with the SPA. Do not get in a hurry to approach the minutes handover, because when it is signed, if there are not appropriate consumer PPJB difficult demanding developers. This is in accordance with the sound of a deed of sale, “That the seller has admitted receiving the money purchase. then start today land and buildings as described has been handed over to the buyer. All profits and losses on land and buildings is borne by the buyer. “

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