How To Create A Blog Interesting And Keren (Beautify Display Website)

Cara membuat blog For the master, perhaps How to make Blog Interesting, (Beautify Display Website) is not a difficult thing to do because they have understood well the technique, but for a beginner aka newbie blogger would need enlightening about this matter. And since we already solve a complete review about the tutorial how to create a blog before, so please refer to it for that is not yet understood. But if the focus is then read all the advice and secrets that will be presented below. Keep in mind that in these tips are only 3 parts that have to be resolved, namely domain, themes, and plugins or widgets

Interesting and cool can have many meanings, but what the author catch researched light in the Google search engine, it desired from many beginners is how it looks great with road beautify the template so pleasing to the eye, from the color, layout, widget and all the settings in it. And since all things concerning how brain-tweaking my blog has done it all before, about 3 years , so nothing is difficult to explain this, especially if its intention to share with friends all.


Beautify blog – How to Make Attractive Blog

There are many parts that must be done to produce a blog that looks looks attractive and beautiful as yours most bloggers generally. And the following important points you should consider:

that blogs are more attractive

1. Domain

This section might think a lot of people do not need to be noticed, but the blog will professional if domain (link address) is also good. Well at this early stage of the suggested change your blogspot domain and others. Why is that? Because by looking at the address of his blog are people already know that he made seriously so that the content of the article is also the least weighty and can be used as a reference, it usually can be decided by a visitor when he first saw it in a search engine, is to be clicked to be visited or not, well this is where the advantages that already have a blog .com. But the truth is not just up there advantages of a blog with a paid domain, much more.

a. Changing the address

Many do not know if it’s free blogspot it can be changed so the .com with a location server that does not change, which is still placed on blogspot, it’s just the domain is changed. The trick is simply by visiting a site that provides for the purchase of the domain, one of which is, please go to the website and type a domain name that you want, if for example already owned by someone then you can find the alternative by replacing the extension, such as .net, .info, .org, or others. If you have, a direct order by following the steps as written, but if you do not know to ask for help the operator by means of direct Chating. If you have, you live directly in the admin Rumahweb ask for help steer to blogspot, usually they will ask for a password to log blogs and domain, easy right?

b. Try seo friendly and easy to remember

Choosing an SEO Friendly domains here the intention is that it contains the keyword, for example you create a blog about guidelines for e-mail, so make sure when purchasing an existing domain choosing minimal Email her word even though not all the targeted keywords are included, for example and much more , As for if we want a more perfect then we find a better name at least two words and the words are familiar, for example, there were created the website domain provider then he chose address, in addition to the SEO also cool because there are words behind Nesia which are fragments of Indonesia which is a sign that the provider the original indigenous people.

Regarding the selection of an interesting domain, as we found this Caraspot name, you should read the tips and use tools find cool domain (please read).
2. Templates

This is actually an important point if we want to beautify the look of a blog to make it look attractive and cool, because of the part that we do the editing layout widget her, set the distance it is located, to change the background color, image and so forth. But because of this since a long discussion, we language one by one below:

Make a website aesthetically cool

1. Replace template so Professionals

To be able to have a template / skin or blog look attractive and good looks like a professional blogger then the conditions we had to remodel all, but this problem does not mean we have to change one by one the script code because it not Programmer will certainly not be able to do it. The solution is to replace the default template with a new one, here’s how:

a. For Blogspot
Select the template that good looks, and because it is now more prevalent use of HP’s smart to access the internet then it is advisable select the type of template size can customize all the gadgets and devices, in this case also called Template Responsive. Incidentally in the 2015-2016 year, Google has just launched a new algorithm called Mobilegeddon which her search of Internet users will be tailored to the devices they use, such as the visitor is being gadget when Browsing automatically google will prioritize responsive blog from in which not so difficult because most blog readers when opened.

See the demo – this is important, the actual viewing online at the time, not just with pictures and screenshots, and only then can decide to use or not.
Download – For this stage, easy to do, just look for the words ‘Download’ below the display image and the template in the will automatically pop up a small page that asks you download on your computer save.

Upload – Once stored in the computer, it is now time to use these templates to replace the old one.
Furthermore, if you are replacing it with a custom display then just set it in order the better in the eyes of search engines, especially Google. This is because if a blog is considered good then he will be given good grades anyway, at least, though not so rank 1, but can enter the first page, well below the full review: How to Set Template For SEO Friendly and Easy Ranking in Google

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