How To Plant Flower Lavender At Home

Lavender has another name lavender or Lavandula. In Indonesia, Flowers Lavender (Lavandula afficinalis syn.L. angustifolia (Lamiaceae) a lot of fans. In addition to a very attractive flower color, scent of lavender flowers are very fragrant and hard lost. Aromanyapun not only relaxes but also steady sbagai pikirn anti mosquito. Plant lavender own originally from the south of the Mediterranean to tropical Africa and east to India.

Lavender plants, are actually easy to grow in Indonesia. Some species are very suitable for tropical climates. Plants of the species of grasses have 25-30 species. Now the lavender plant species already widely dispersed to various parts of the world, such as southern Europe, Arabia and eastern Africa.

Despite How to grow lavender flowers are rarely described in various references, plus the difficulty of finding seeds, lavender plants still sought after by many people. Some plant hobbyist who started planting their own Lavender, and Lavender original. They generally get the lavender, the plant directly from abroad, or import their own seeds.


The question that arises is, can lavender flowers planted in the house?. Lavender plants are very easy to grow both in height of 600 m – 1300 m above sea level. But you need to remember is actually very fond of this plant dry climate for growth, making it possible to grow in your home.

How to grow lavender flowers at home

Plants Flowers Lavender In Pot
Seeding lavender
In planting lavender, seeding is the most crucial phase and determine the success of the cultivation of lavender. Failure in the process of planting lavender lot going on this seeding phase. To be successful, a good seedling media choose to lavender. The seeds or seed lavender stocked up on compost. The right kind of compost is moist and crumbly compost and not sandy. Remember, the success or failure of your lavender flower planting is largely determined by the type of compost you use.

Lavender Flower Seed Treatment
After a lavender flower seeds in the nursery at the top of the compost, you have to water it every day 2 times a day, even if necessary, using drip irrigation so that the compost media humidity is maintained at all times. Place the seedbed media in the shade and not exposed to direct sunlight or too much.

Planting Flowers Lavender
Planted seeds will germinate within 1-2 weeks. Then you have to prepare a larger pot filled with planting medium consisting of a mixture of peat and compost. The biggest mistake you is if put sprouts on the ground was hard, because lavender flower plants require aerisasi (air circulation), which many in the roots so desperately need loose soil. Just like in the seeding phase, lavender in the new pot should often we and see the state of the land should not be dry land. Give fertilizer every 2 weeks, and do not use chemical fertilizers. Give organic fertilizer, better yet if using liquid organic fertilizer. Or by adding compost to make it grow better.

Plant Care Lavender Flowers
Lavender plants are already growing about 10 cm tall must often gets sunlight. You may put your flower pot in a lot of sunlight, but also remains to be frequently watered and do not let the soil dry. If you want to move to a larger area, lavender can be moved after measuring 15 cm so that the plant has slightly more powerful (woody stems). Given, lavender is also classified as plants that are reliable and do not require complicated maintenance. Lavender will start flowering after 1 year of planting and the expected fragrance will also start to smell and fill the corners of your home space.

Very easy is not it, how? Are you interested in mem buy lavender seeds now. Good luck and good luck.

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