How To Take Care Of Motor Matic The Good And Right

Motor matic, as my friend knows, motor matic today is divided into two kinds, namely motor matic matic usual and motor matic injection (injection). ahli kunci

I will be happy to provide information about how to care about the motor matic is good and right. Caring for motor matic in fact it was not difficult buddy, pal as long as diligent to the bike shop for an oil change and downloading service matic pal.


Buddy would surely have matic dong excellent and good in kendarain, if my friend rarely take care of the engine and replace the motor oil will certainly matic mate matic mate quickly damage the motor and may be dangerous for my friend alone as the rider.

Some tips I would give to my friend about how well cared for motor matic is good and right:

1. Make it a habit every morning and when my friend would want to go using automatic motorcycle buddy, buddy buddy must heat up the engine, a minimum of 10-15 minutes. Why does my friend need to heat up the engine every morning? Due to the engine in the morning still in cold conditions, and is useful for treating your condition matic machine to remain stable and in good condition.

2. Buddy do not forget to pay attention to “fuel gauge” that is an indication of the content of gasoline in motor matic friend who was in the speedometer motor matic pal. Do not let the fuel gauge matic buddies showed to the red line, which means the petrol motor matic friend was about to run out, segerakanlah buddy refueling motor matic mate, and it would be great if my friend always refuel matic mate before the fuel gauge pointing to the line red. Because if my friend often ran out of fuel in the road, it will make the engine performance matic you become less good and may be easily damaged.

3. Buddy do not often frequent gas tempo matic play pal. Why ? because it will speed up the performance of the engine matic pal will become weak and easily damaged. So, my friend was often do not often play a slow tempo of gas that suddenly accelerated and from the rapid suddenly brake suddenly becomes slow.

4. Buddy must be diligent in menservice matic mate, especially motor oil matic buddy who must be replaced every month, so that the engine speed motor matic mate remain in a state prime. Usually when buying a bike buddy will get a good guide for menservice time matic mate, so that the engine remains in a state matic mate prime.

5. If you feel the less good buddy matic engines and uncomfortable ride, try the buddy when going menservice motorcycle buddy, pal ask the motorcycle repair technician to dismantle CVT (Continously Variable Transmission). Try buddy to see Vent Roller and belt motor matic you, good or whether they have been unsuitable? Try buddy to mengecheck state and Vent Belt Roller matic pal, because it will greatly affect the performance of the engine matic pal.
6. Check the state of the spark plug mate matic, because it will greatly affect the motor matic fireplace pal. And do not just spark plugs should pal note, the battery had to be my friend noticed, because it will be less fit condition matic mate if either one of the batteries and spark plugs are damaged pal.

7. Make sure buddy just bought spare parts for motor matic mate with the original, because in addition to durable will help my friend also to take care of the overall condition of the motor matic pal. So do not buy spare parts for motorcycles mate matic mate is not original.

Some of the tips that I gave to my friend, that would be very useful for my friend alone if my friend is able to apply and practice how to care matic motor is good and true friend. Because the motors are stable, good performance at the start with how caring buddy buddy matic own. Be a pal menyangi motors themselves, because with the bike buddy was looking for sustenance for their own family and for my friend.

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