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As is known at this time the competition for jobs is very difficult to penetrate. With the increasing number of labor supply, in fact chances are able to be provided by both the government and private sectors have not been able to accommodate the growing number of such massive. This then forcing job seekers to play the brain harder to master the technique of Iris € â € œmenjual better.
Sell yourself here certainly is defined as Toko Bunga di Bandung how we can introduce and demonstrate the advantages that the companies are interested in using our services. And at the stage of applying the work, one thing you can not miss is making curikulum vitae or CV is good and interesting. CV became one of the main prerequisites when we are about to apply for a job in an office or a particular company. And with a growing #teknologi, today has emerged CV also form a more creative and innovative in the video CV.
For colleagues who might be looking for a job, or trying to create a CV that can attract the attention of potential where you work, it seems very fitting to listen to the following article.

Overview of the Video CV
If you see more flashes behind it, #video CV has actually emerged and developed starting in the 1980s. At that time the video CV is not yet in such a way with a variety of concepts to the technology as it is today. The concept of video CV is more old school in the form of promotional videos, but only focus on one specific profile.

And now along with the development of technology both in terms of video recording and remote communication, forms of video CV gone up at a higher level. Beginning in the 2000s, Â many large companies in countries like America to allow the applicants to include a video CV for consideration. Especially for some job in a creative field, curikulum vitae in the form of videos deemed far more representative and be able to describe the real advantages of the applicants.

Not only that, the development of the use of video CV is also supported by the increasing number of video sharing sites like #youtube. With the existence of such a site, the process of applying the work can be done more flexibly and is beneficial to both parties, applicants and companies. Then what should be considered when we want to make a video CV?

1. Always Bring to front element of Professionalism
Although it can be made to the concept of non-formal, but each video CV that we make must still prioritize the elements of professionalism. Because we are trying to promote themselves to a professional career in an office or company. Therefore, we must consider several things as a way of speaking, the concept up to the quality of video that did not impress carelessly.

2. Ensure Quality Sound And Light
Not only in making a video CV, when we want to create a more professional video formats we certainly have to pay attention to two things that sound and light. To create an interesting video and also character, need the support of a clear voice and is also light enough input.
It is also still dealing with the first point: making video CV professional. For that when we wanted to make a video CV would be better if we set aside special attention in terms of setting the arrangement and recording equipment.

3. Attractive But Still Solid and Clear
In most video CV, applicants are limited only a very short time at around 2 to 5 minutes or less of the time. Therefore we should make interesting videos but also a short, solid and clear.
It is a challenge to be able to make the video. Therefore we need a clear initial concept, will be made as to what our CV video later. One of the tricks that can be used ie, most of the video CV that success is not too much to include narration or words but rather on skills and working practices.
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4. Be Yourself
This is the ultimate tips when we want to make a video CV. We must be able to be themselves without being influenced from another CV video that might ever see. More importantly we should highlight our original character. This is because the inspection video CV is generally an early stage of the admissions process work. At a later stage we will find the interview phase and the other phases. Well, if we are on a video CV impressed fetched, it will be very apparent when we met with the testers of the company we are applying.
Those are some tips to make video CV that is not only attractive but also effective so that we can be accepted to work in an office or company. Play combined with creativity and professionalism, so that the video CV we will be able to become â € € œumpanâ early before we managed to get a job.

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