Look Out! It Harmful Impact Sports Due To Be Excessively

To be healthy, certainly not enough to eat nutritious food and diet have four of five perfectly healthy every day. You need to treat your body to burn fat and keep your body fit and fit throughout the day.

In addition to nutritious food, exercise is necessary to help refresh your body, so you do not easily lethargic, does not get sick, and always eager. However, some do not realize, that not always processing activities of the body or also called sport has a good impact. Excessive exercise when done turns out to have bad effects and can actually harm you.
Negative Impact Due to Excessive exercise
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Excessive exercise will say if you do it too often. For example, you do the sport to many times in a day. Although good for health, exercise too often with a short time span will be too memforsir your body and it will provide much of the expected effects.

Surely you do not want to endanger your health due to excessive exercise, is not it? Well, below are some of the impact of how dangerous due to excessive exercise when done. Anything? The following five negative impacts of excessive exercise that you should be aware.

1. The risk of injury is getting higher
Light alone, exercise excessively certainly commensurate with results that will be obtained. When you do excessive exercise, excessive fatigue will encounter. As a result, you will not focus and be an opportunity to get injured even higher.

2. The risk of heart failure is also higher.
The following points are too excessive? No. Risk of heart failure would indeed be easy to descend your life when you too often exercise
excessive. Starting from fatigue suffered from excessive exercise, will make your heart experiencing weakness. Weak heart will make reduced heart function and trigger small damages on your heart.

3. The existence of the impact of the decline of the immune system.
Makes perfect sense if the exercise you do actually put you at risk for decreased immune system or immune system penunrunan. Logically, with too much exercise, you will run out of time to simply rest or sleep.

In fact, you often forget, rest or sleep is one right way to restore the body’s condition. If the condition of the body is not restored as before with sleep, it will cause the body to experience a decrease in endurance that will make the disease easier to enter the body.

4. The risk of suffering from depression.
Other harmful effects of excessive exercise is that you will be prone to depression. Sports that normally only do aim to make you fit, thus restoring the confidence you psychologically.

However, if you are tired, your psychological condition would be too exhausted, follow your physical condition. It will make you more quick-tempered, hasty, fatal until you’ll get depressed.

5. The risk of the release of oxygen free radicals that are still needed by the body.
With frequent exercise, will make the release of oxygen free radicals, or also called an anti-radical excessively anyway. Do not underestimate it, because with the release of oxygen free radicals in excess, increases the risk of your genes to mutate, and the impact of the more poor, will increase your suffering from cancer.

Now that five negative impact exercise excessively. From the impact of the above, there are still a lot of harmful effects which would you get if you are memforsir exercise excessively.

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