How To Make Gmail Account?

Assalamualaikum! Email is increasingly favored by the public. Because, activity in the Internet world more and more involved in the community. Indeed, what to do? In the internet, now a lot of a program. For some businesses, associations, and other fad.To register or to attend the program, we must have an email that the program would be able to provide the latest information that occurs in the program.Therefore, the email function is to receive a letter from someone else. In addition to receiving, email can also be used to send mail. Email is short for electronic mail which in Indonesian means of electronic mail.

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Email is one of the assets we must have if you want to get around in this virtual world. Because, whenever there is a registration form, email would always exist to be listed. Therefore, email is very important. Make the actual email is easy. And also many of its web services. In addition to its many website providers, provider sites usually do not charge at all or free. Examples of sites that are well known providers are Gmail and Yahoo !.Previously I’ve written about the guides made in yahoo email . And in this post I want to write a step-by-step how to create an email in gmail . A little info, Gmail is abbreviation of Google mail. So, is Google’s gmail. Just like blogger and youtube.So, this email interrelate and can be used to log on blogger and youtube. Good, we go straight to the scene …


1. Please visit


3. On the date of birth, the first box is for the year, and the third is a box for the date. Then please fill out the form is complete, next step

4. Then you will see a page that asked for a verification code to continue the next process

5.Make sure the phone number correctly, because the code will be sent to your phone via text message / voice call. Depending desire pal.

6. Click Send verification code

7. Next enter the verification code has been received from the phone to the box that asked Done In post how to create a gmail account? If I am not mistaken, Gmail has replaced the display of the previous one. And now look more professional than the previous one. That’s my opinion. Sob Okay, so first post this time. Regards!

Thus I created this article, may be useful for the reader all.Thank you.

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