How Marking All Friends In Facebook Status Auto (Auto Tag)

How Marking All Friends in Facebook Status Auto (Auto Tag) – Auto Tag means we mark / call all your Facebook friends on a status automatically. Status which we use auto tag will appear on your friends Facebook notification. That way they can see what the status of your cara  membuat facebook baru share through notification / notifications.

How Auto Tag Status Facebook

  • Go to the following website: on the site pages containing script auto tag.
  • Copy all the code / scripts from these pages ( Press Ctrl + A then Ctrl + C) and paste ( Ctrl + V) to a safe place, such as notepad.
  • Make a status and then click on the time that are below your Facebook name.
  • Copy Status Facebook ID contained in the Address Bar. Then, save the notepad again.
  • We go to the notepad that contained the script auto tag. Search code of cookies , for easier use the Find command or press Ctrl + F. There are a lot of cookie code, look for an existing cookie code row of numbers on the right. If you have found, remove and replace the numbers with ID Status Facebook that you have saved previously.
  • You can also change the wording to use. How to find writing Test Auto Tag  and change to the sentence you want.
  • Return to your Facebook status page. Then open the console box, every browser has a way of opening the package a different console.

– For users of Mozilla Firefox press Ctrl + Shift + K
– For Google Chrome users press the Ctrl + Shift + J

  • Well, wait a minute. Currently Facebook bans various scripts and you are required to write ” allow pasting ” on a console box first. After writing “allow pasting ” then you have been given the freedom to insert script. The next step is enter the auto script tags that have modified them and then press the Enter key on the keyboard.
  • Wait a moment, and complete. You’ve marked all over your Facebook friends automatically.
You have successfully auto tag on Facebook status. Your Facebook friends will get a notification in the notification menu. If he clicks the notification, then he will travel to the status that you have given the script auto tag earlier.
Enough tutorial How to Auto Tag Status Facebook that I can give, may be useful. If there is a problem, you can ask me via the comments field. Thanks.Wait for the next tips and tricks, happy to share.
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