Minimalist Room Organizing Tips

In a minimalist home design in 2016 two floors are usually the focus of the design is the bedroom. Minimalist house with two floors is usually a home that is used for families who have a member with a large amount. Minimalist home is synonymous with the optimization of the narrow land gambar rumah sederhana therefore every room in the house should be arranged well in order to look more widely though actually size is not so big. Here are some tips bedroom set in order to appear more spacious.


Use passive space

Minimalist house design 2016 2 floor one of which is reflected by its furniture. If you have a room to sleep a narrow one first aid is to use a cot that has space underneath. If you are using a full bed, the space can not be utilized. But if you use a cot you can use the space under your bed to store some goods.

Avoid the less important items in the room

2016 minimalist design houses two floors part of the room will look more minimalist if users can distinguish the goods are important and which are not. Goods that are less important to be in good room set just outside the living room. This is important because you need to optimize the use of the narrow space of your room. You must fill all the space in the room as this will cause the room feel cramped space and feels uncomfortable.

Maximize the use of corner

One important part of the minimalist room arrangement is to maximize all aspects of the room including the corners of the room. Corner of the room can become a space that is very useful for you. Corner of the room you can use to put such important table desk computer desk, multi-function cabinets, or other important tools are in the room.

Choose light colors for walls and floors

A narrow room appear more spacious and more comfortable inhabited when all of the goods placed at the position it should be and are in a condition that is always neat. Do not forget to leave the room and also paint the floor in a bright color like broken white and off white to create the impression of a clean room and wider. Do not forget to give a similar design for each room so as not .

Optimization of the use of wall

One of the most effective ways to handle the narrow room is to maximize the space around including the use of walls. Walls can be used in many ways, for example by installing a hanging rack for storing books and essential goods or as decoration.

Here are tips for home design minimalist 2016 2nd floor bedroom, may be useful.

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