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Profil biografi artis -We who likes rock music on the medium in 2006 Indonesia will have heard the name of the band’s garage.Yes band that has the exact same name with his movie is indeed became a top Indonesian band because of the receipt of their songs are easy listening to rock music wrapped distortion with the distinctive character of the vocalist Ayu Ratna.

This time I will give you a biography about the singer that Ayu Ratna Pratama. Ex vocalist Ayu Ratna garage band has indeed been pursuing a career in music since childhood. Ayu Ratna Aiu also known as “Gaia” Ratna has been studying guitar since he sat on the bench primary schools (according to the info I can).Charles Aiu growing teenagers eventually formed a band in his hometown that Magelang.

After he grew up Aiu Gaia Ratna trying to develop his career by auditioning Indonesian Idol, but because during the audition he was sick then “Aiu Gaia Ratna” ultimately did not qualify for the next round of Indonesian Idol. But luck still looming “Aiu Gaia Ratna”, do not qualify for Indonesian Idol 27-year-old girl was actually invited berman by sutradar Mira Lesmana Lesmana.Indra sister of Mira Lesmana the one who made a large contribution in a career in the world Ayu Ratna Movies and Music ,

Indra at that time lined up as Indonesian Idol audition Jury Ayu Ratna Mira Lesmana asked his brother to mengcasting in the latest movie to be produced by Mira Lesmana. Indra himself asked his sister to audition Ayu “Gaia” Rachael because talent interested in playing the guitar from Ayu Ratna.


Ratna Ayu finally passed the selection and gain an important role in the film titled Garage. Unmitigated girl named Ayu Atna Pratama complete it directly juxtaposed with the artist fedi nuril longer plunge in the world of acting. In the film it Ayu Ratna role as “Gaia”, the girl involved romance with members of his own band “fedi nuril”. Not only was involved in the filming Garage, Ayu Ratna also got projects additional to make an album titled garage band called Garage also ,

Garage kepasaran first album released in 2006 in conjunction with the Film lounching garage. The first single, entitled Missing garage had become hits on the radio and the entrance stairs MTV Powerful at that time. pop and rock music lovers Indonesia also welcomes the work of their music. The garage itself unusual genre of bands Indonesia in general, so they dare to carry the different streams that they berinama “AlternativeElektronic Rock”.

However, Ayu “Gaia” Ratna finally decided to pull out of the garage after they launched the second single from the second album titled AggressiveTrance. Is not known exactly why Ayu Ratna out of the garage. But the management of garage give reasons if Ayu Ratna out because of lack of discipline, while suspected Aiu Ratna leave garage because it does not see the meeting point on if music Ayu Ratna with garage / (Independence).

S fter out of the garage Ayu Ratna finally decided to pursue a solo career in Jepan g. Air Ratna Ayu finally join with a band called “The AIU” together Sohichi [guitar] and Jesse [Noise & Treatment]. The band formed on October 15, 2010 has been released one album titled “Minority”. Currently itself “Ayu Ratna” has returned to Indonesia and in widths yesterday just passed Ayu Ratna return to his hometown in Magelang. The girl who plays the guitar is active in social networks Twitter and friendly enough to greet the fans-fans on Twitter. Ratna Ayu personal account on Twitter isAiu_e_o.

Here Profile, Biography Ayu “Gaia” Ratna a.ka. Aiu Ratna The AIU:

Birthname:Ayu RatnaPratiwi

Place / DateofBirth:Magelang / March 6, 1985

Occupation: actress, singer

Instruments: guitar


Years active: 2006 – present

Ayu Ratna Involved In Film:
– Garage (2006) Ayu Ratna Involved In FTV: – Let geeky Still Love (Indosiar)

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