Provides Convenience For Women Who Want To Be More Diligent In Caring For The Health And Beauty Of Her Skin

Cream is a cream facial beauty kilogram sold by the kilogram way. It is unique because usually cream or facial beauty only sold a few grams in a small container and sold at a price that is quite expensive. Cream kilogram models are sold per 1 kg and usually the ordinary plastic packaging. Indeed, the wrapping of the cream is quite pretty, but when viewed from the price is certainly more mending buy 1 kilo of cream directly rather than buying a beauty cream containers with beautiful but it contains little. Cream kilogram models have the same functionality with beauty cream in general, namely to help overcome skin problems ranging from facial acne, dull, wrinkled up oily face.

To get this kiloan cream is quite easy for the average in-store cosmetics in big cities already offer the cream of this kind kilogram. Then the types of cream like what is offered?

Cream day

As well as a beauty cream offered at beauty clinics, cream kilogram models also meawarkan cream day. Cream day are used around the clock 12-2 this afternoon hereinafter also still distinguished by texture and color. There are 4 kinds of cream during the first cream with a texture resembling a solid foundation or textured. Then the day cream-colored pink, yellow and peach.

Cream night

Night cream or cream used at night before bed and after washing the face is divided into two kinds. Cream-colored peach evening and night cream white. Usefulness of night cream is usually to help the process of bleaching or peeling facial skin is dull.

Besides cream kilogram sold, beauty tools such as facial serum, facial toner and liquid soap are also sold literan. Serum literan offered a serum containing vitamin for nourishing facial acne. While toner literan have uses to exfoliate dull or dead skin on the face. Then for liquid facial soap, buyers can customize the type of liquid soap according to skin type.

Usually the minimum purchase is 2 kg cream, 1 kilo of day cream and 1 kg more for night cream. As for the minimum purchase of serum, toner and liquid soap is one liter. With the facial care cream kiloan provides convenience for women who want to be more diligent in caring for the health and beauty of her skin. Or it may also provide benefits for those who intend to resell. Because the price of 1 kg of cream along with the price of 1 liter of serum, toner and noticeably cheaper liquid soap so you can get enough profit when reselling cream kilogram in a few grams.

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