The Roads To Muara Takus In Riau

As with other major cities in Indonesia, this city is a city of trade and services. Behind the business city of Riau has turned out a great many attractions for tourists.

Only, which makes it less popular among photographers or travelers as a tourist attraction in this Pekanbaru separately tolerable distance away. Differences with Bali, where one way we can get some of the attractions at once.

Muara Takus

In this district there Muara Takus which is a Buddhist temple. This temple is very unique and well maintained. Indeed, to get to here can take 3 to 4 hours from the city of Pekanbaru.

The time to reach this temple set off at dawn because the weather here is usually only good at the time of the morning. Noon to the afternoon is usually cloudy and frequent rain.

BARRY KUSUMA Muara Takus in Kampar regency, Riau.
This temple is located in the village of Muara Takus, Kampar, Riau City. The distance is approximately 135 kilometers from the city of Pekanbaru. This temple complex is surrounded by walls measuring 74 x 74 meters. Outside there are arealnya earthen wall measuring 1.5 x 1.5 kilometers which surround this complex to the edge of the Kampar Kanan.

Inside the complex there is also a building Old Temple, Temple youngest and Mahligai Stupa, and Palangkaraya. Muara Takus is the only heritage that shaped temple in Riau.

Tips photographing Muara Takus

1. The travel Destinations in Pekanbaru Riau located very far apart, it is advisable to go from the hotel after dawn. It means that we can get good weather at the time of arriving at the destination.

2. Object photo in Riau is very much of the architecture because it is steeped in Malay culture. Highly recommended bringing Range 17 mm lens for DX and 24 mm for full frame. These lenses can minimize distortion when photographing architecture.

3. Object at Riau landscape too much of this. Bring a wide angle lens to photograph the landscape and architecture to experiment with the distortions that we like.

4. Bring a camera charger and back-up memory cards. The length of the route to attractions makes us hard to find a power source to charge our camera batteries if exhausted.

5. Weather in Pekanbaru and surrounding is very easy to change. Therefore, take
ND filter or CPL useful if made more colorful sky covered with clouds.

6. In the town we can find a lot of typical food Riau. To photograph
The food, take the lens with a large aperture, eg F 2.8 F1.8, which is useful for creating narrow DOF and sometimes we have to shoot night.

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