Sirloin Steak Nutrition Facts

Sirloin steak is a steak kind most widely preferred by people all over the world. Sirloin is a meat from the back of the back of the cow soft, so it is the most ideal choice of meat. Sirloin is still divided into two, namely the top sirloin and bottom sirloin. But most in demand is the top, because softer than the bottom. There are many names for the cuts or portions of beef, but commonly used as the steak was sirloin and tenderloin. If you often stop restoran steak, often hear even know the sirloin steak. In the options menu would be offered for you to choose the type of steak you like, other than that sirloin steak tenderloin. Then how about the nutritional value behind the delicacy and the high price of sirloin steak this?

Sirloin steak nutrient content

Top sirloin is taken from the waist to the top of the cow. Sirloin meat cuts are usually included with a bit of bone attached. This bone is believed to add a taste of the steak is typical, but generally some people prefer the boneless sirloin steak. The average sirloin steak is to have a size of about 2.5 to 3.5 inches with a thickness of 1 inch. For people who believe that red meat is usually not well taken, but here is some information about the nutritional content of the top sirloin steak.


Miscellaneous Nutrition

To determine the amount of calories, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, experts checked out 8 ounces of beef in this section. Of the number 8 ounces, or nearly 227 g sirloin steak, is said to contain 67 g of protein and 26 g fat. The rest consists of various other nutrients and water content.


Per 8-ounce top sirloin of beef contain nearly 400 calories. Levels of the protein provides the body almost 280 calories, and fat content provides 120 calories. Many health experts say that one serving of top sirloin steak has been able to meet the daily caloric needs of the average individual.


Top sirloin is not only a source of fat and protein, but also provide the body with essential vitamins. Sirloin provide nutrients for our body that is approximately 4 mcg of vitamin B12, 19 mg niacin, vitamin B6 1.5 grams and 0.35 mg of riboflavin. It also contains other essential vitamins such as vitamin C, E, pantothenic acid, thiamine and folate. Everything is some of the family of vitamin B complex.


Our bodies will also get minerals by eating 8 ounces of sirloin steak. There are nearly 12 mg of zinc, 525 mg phosphorus, 75 mcg selenium, 4 mg iron, and almost 850 mg of potassium in the top sirloin steak.

Attention :

Nutritional value stated above could change if the sirloin steak dish is processed in a different form. Roasting, open, and use high heat are some of the best ways to cook sirloin steak, because this method will help decrease the amount of fat in it. For people who are very fond of sirloin steak, also hperlu mind that this steak contains a lot of fat in it. This type of fat can raise cholesterol levels in the blood, and this could give rise to a number of cardiovascular diseases. One of the more effective ways to reduce excess fat in the steak sirloin steak is cooked with ingredients that are not fattening. For example, we can use olive oil, as well as vegetables and fruits, and avoid the use of creams that can be fattening such as mayonnaise, cheese and sour cream.

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