Throughout The Year Nutrition Experts Agree That Milk Is The Best Drink Of All Time.

Throughout the year Nutrition experts agree that milk is the best drink of all time. As the most basic needs for nutrition and health.
However, there are some questions, how milk is safe for human consumption ..? after searching and comparing literature reading articles from a variety of milk. Turns fresh goat’s milk that has the highest rates after the milk. Although sometimes difficult to find goat’s milk everyday needs differ with formula milk or soy Susu kambing etawa milk / peanut.

How Pasteurization ..? is a process to kill bacteria diingikan organisms and undesirable. That is by heating the milk for less than 15 seconds at a temperature of 160A ° C followed by rapid cooling to below 50A ° C. After pasteurization anathema acid bacteria still exist if tiadk stored in the cold, so the bacteria will multiply rapidly and cause turned sour.
Moreover pasteurization also kills vitamin A, C, B-complex and 20% iodine contained in fresh milk will be reduced. So why mempasteur milk if it also kills beneficial bacteria ..? The answer is worried / to prevent tuberculosis, brucellosis, and Johannes. Though the disease is more commonly found in cow’s milk than goat’s milk.

Tuberculosis is a virus that usually affects the lungs. Brucellosis is a contagious disease. The disease is also known as contagious abortion or Bang’s disease. In humans it is known as undulant fever. Other diseases that are commonly found in dairy cows Johannes. John, also known as chronic wasting disease, is a neurological disease that causes sores in the brain of an infected animal.

Pasteurized milk with no warning label has caused more than 238 805 people pain caused by Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria, in a span of 15 years. From the results of the study there were no reports of some diseases mentioned above from fresh goat’s milk.
This paper is the connection of the previous article about the differences of goat milk with pasteurized cow’s milk and still I took from the same link

In addition to the pasteurization process is the homogenization of cow’s milk processing. Homogenization is the process of the breakdown of fat into small shapes with this process the cream will rise upwards. In contrast with goat’s milk, goat’s milk is already homogeneous naturally so when signing keperut goat milk is more easily digested and faster because the fat globules softer than cow’s milk.
Dr. Sherilyn Renya of Washington State shows that it takes less than 20 minutes to digest goat’s milk. Than cow’s milk which takes nearly 24 hours in order to digest. Signs of indigestion after drinking cow’s milk is the stomach feel heavy, often out of gas, up to loss of appetite. Goat’s milk has 13% less lactose than cow’s milk and most people who are allergic to cow’s milk tend to be allergic to goat’s milk. This allergy seing dialama by children who are toddlers. In an allergic reaction, antihistamines which are stored in the body’s cells produce symptoms like those above. Most of these symptoms are directly related to the proteins found in milk source.

There are therapies that are very popular among pediatricians, children who are allergic to anticipate replacing cow’s milk with milk that type of vegetable in this case is soy milk. However, 20-50% of children under five who are already allergic to cow’s milk will also react negatively to the soy milk protein. Approximately 40% of patients sensitive to cow’s milk protein while the protein tolerate goat milk.

Biochemical differences between goat’s milk and cow’s milk based on different components of milk fat and fatty acids. Normal goat milk fat had 35% of medium chain fatty acids while cow’s milk is 17%. medium chain fatty acids is interesting for medical needs.

There are about 200,000 human disease from cow’s milk pasteursasi for 15 years. In contrast to the fresh goat’s milk has never been a reported case. Goat milk has been medically proven to cure some diseases. Some doctors have suggested to the patient to consume goat milk, especially for people who are lactose intolerance problem.

Now it’s time for the goat milk as an alternative to nutritional beverages, healthy and cure some diseases. Who does not want healthy people.? Our health depends on us how to organize and present in our selection.

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