Tips For Choosing The Right Ceramic Bathroom

Tips for Choosing the Right Bathroom Ceramics | Using tiles for bathroom floor has several advantages such as durability of the room becomes more powerful, moisture-proof and easy to clean. It’s easy easy difficult in choosing the right tile for the bathroom. harga plafon akustik armstrong Ceramics that you choose should match the theme and motif design of the bathroom in order to create a good and comfortable interior when viewed.


Selection of ceramic style will definitely determine the visual of the interior bathroom that affect the aesthetics and beauty of your bathroom space. If one chose the motive of course you will spend more to replace it, do not let this happen to your bathroom.

When you choose a ceramic shower, consider choosing ceramic with anti-slippery texture. This is to maintain your comfort and safety while in the bathroom. If you want to buy and install unglazed ceramics, then you must be diligent to clean because this type of ceramic is very easy to absorb the stain.

To make it easier to know how how to choose bathroom tiles right. Here are tips that can be taken into consideration in choosing tile for the bathroom.

  • Decide in advance ceramic design or motif that will be applied to your bathroom. It is suggested, choose ceramic that can create harmony with the other rooms.
  • Use the same color tile on the floors and walls of the bathroom. It is good to select a different size for ceramic wall and floor. In order to create interesting visual effects, you can also install a ceramic diagonally.
  • For color selection, you can choose a paint color that contrasts with tiled bathrooms. For example, if you use a blue ceramic, you can use the in blue, yellow or red to look contrasts. Also make sure you apply the adhesive to the grout lines is greater. This is to protect and preserve the color of the grout itself.
  • To create a bathroom with a modern stylish look, use bright colors and bold shape and chart a plain background. Do not forget to add accessories and supplies.
  • If you wish to create a romantic atmosphere. Use ceramic floral with soft colors such as pink, light blue or light green.

Similarly, some of the tips that you can consider to choose a ceramic bathroom is good and right.Hopefully these tips can be useful.

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