Tips For Choosing Appropriate Face Shape Hair Model

This time I will provide tips and how to choose a model haircut according to your face shape. Tips haircut model this time specifically for women, so men do not follow these tips because it will make you look like a man half-woman (beautiful man) hehe. As we know the hair is a very important part for women, so they are often called that hair is a crown for women. Therefore, health care for the hair as hair loss , hair straightening and so an important thing to be kept woman. Besides choosing a hairstyle that is right and appropriate is an important thing that should not be forgotten because even if your hair is nice and well maintained, but not according to the shape of your face will actually make you look weird appearance.Every human being including women have their own different face shapes – different, and each different face shape should be adjusted to the appropriate haircut. So that the haircut will cover the shortfall shape of the face and highlight the advantages of your face shape. See also Trend Hair Model 2015 Asian Women


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Model Haircuts by Face Shape

1. Model Hair accordance Heart Shaped Face

 Heart-shaped face did look identical to the oval-shaped face and taper but with a heart-shaped face has a more tapered chin. As you can see in the picture beside, long and short hairstyles fit to face with this shape, but the style that fits should be slightly curly (curly) or long straight, as it would further highlight the character of your face.
2. Model Oval Shaped Face Hair appropriate

An oval shaped face perfectly proportioned face shape, so that this face shape will match any haircut like. But according to many models that have been used artist who has an oval face, hairstyle slightly curly or shaggy model of an appropriate model to emphasize the character of your face.


3. Shaped Face Hair Model corresponding taper (Long)

 Model taper face does look very similar to the oval face shape, the thing that distinguishes it is a long face over the width of your face, the forehead, jaw and neck had almost the same length. Haircut appropriate the model cut short or medium and made a hefty volume (not thin) on the side so as to cover too sharp impression on your face.
4. Hair Model appropriate Triangular Face

This face shape also seem synonymous with heart-shaped face, but the face of the triangular shape of the wider section chin and heart-shaped face. Hair pieces fit the model shaggy short or long, because it gives the hairstyle more volume on top so that further attests to the chin and make you look more graceful.


5. According Facial Hair Model Shaped Box
Face shape is generally very good box has a haircut like the pieces of curly or bob, because as seen in the picture this face shape has a jaw firmly. So with curly or bob hairdo can cover your jaw and give the impression of a more graceful. Besides the form of bangs that fit if you want bangs bangs is hemispheric.


6. According Facial Hair Model Shaped Round

The latter is for a round face shape, as the name suggests this face is round so that the appropriate hairstyle that is made slightly exceeds the minimum length of the chin and use the  by the side of the layer. It aims to create the impression of a longer face and gaunt. Likewise tips on choosing a model piece of hair and bangs are adjusted to the shape of the face that you have this time, may be useful and can serve as a reference when choosing a hairstyle.

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