Painting is actually single branch connected with art. Painting will be art for you to take pleasure in your creativity of any artist by using a two-dimensional plane, just like canvas, paper, boards etc. Painting possesses the diverse stream regarding increasingly growing. Here’s The type of : kind associated with flow involving painting:
1. Flow Realism
Realism will be the flow It displays what the painting Equally It appears within real life – date and also trying for you to make the painting As fact with no any different additives.
– Typical attributes connected with your flow are:
Most displays associated with daily life : today.
Painting is.
Painting can be likewise seen together between individual object with another object.
Characters — characters:
Gustove Corbert
Francisco de Goya
Honore Umier
2. Flow Surrealism
Surrealism flow
Surrealism flow may be the flow This is closely related to your world regarding fantasy, Just like no matter whether – whether or not i paint inside the dream world. Surrealism painting likewise usually have a shape or maybe a great painting It is not logical and imaginary.
Characteristic provides :
Painting strange along with foreign.
Full of fantasy along with delusion.
Characters : characters:
Joan Miro
Salvador Dali
Andre Masson
Amang Rahman
3. Flow Romanticism
Romanticism flow is the flow It try to show a great painting which has a fantastic and beautiful. your stream displays from a good matter This can be romance, such as being a landscape, a great tragedy, or perhaps history.
Characteristic offers :
Painting includes a great powerful and also emotional story.
Full motion as well as dynamic.
Color contrast and festive nature.
Setting dynamic composition.
Contains bitterness and also touching.
Awesomeness exceed reality
Characters — characters:
Raden Saleh
Eugene Delacroix
Theodore Gericault
Jean Baptiste.
4. Flow Naturalism
Naturalism flow
Naturalism flow could be the flow The idea try in order to show an object painting naturally. the particular naturalism flow will be like realism, naturalism provides a great excess difference to be able to always be additional beautiful.
Characteristic provides :
Most theme associated with nature
Has a great color gradation technique
Has a great comparative composition. perspective, texture, dark along with light coloring can be done expeditiously Just like possible
Characters — characters:
Raden Saleh
Abdullah Sudrio Subroto
Basuki Abdullah
Gambir Anom
5. ones flow regarding Impressionism
The flow connected with Impressionism
Flow Impressionism is actually an art The idea seeks for you to show ones impression how the object captured. Impressionism flow also usually possesses the picture of an rather vague as well as not detailed.
Characteristic possesses :
Short brush strokes in addition to thick using a style similar to the sketch, in order to required ease of painters capture your current essence of the subject rather when compared with your current details.
Color taken with Equally little mixing paint pigments used. needed color mixed optically with the retina.
Shadow is made by mixing the complementary colors (Black can be not consumed like a shadow).
The paint will be not dry awaited in order to possibly be overwritten through the then color.
Processing transparency properties associated with paint avoided.
Researching much detail Just like possible your current nature connected with light reflected through an object subsequently applied on the painting.
Done outdoors (en plein air)
Figures — figures:
Claude Monet
Aguste Renoir
Casmile Pissaro
Edward Degas
Mary Cassat
6. Flow Expressionism
Flow Expressionism
Expressionism flow is really a flow It provides your own freedom regarding distortion connected with shapes as well as colors in order to allow beginning to help emotions or perhaps USA sensation by with (both your own object and also the artist).
Characteristic offers :
More reveal Any type of emotion regarding anger and depression compared to someone happy emotion
Expression regarding one’s heart’s content.
Someone’s imagination
Color menus precedence
Expressionism keep your current spirit and have ‘Sturm und Drang’ and radiance out an medium for you to describe his emotions to help others.
Figures : figures:
Vincent Van Gogh
Paul Gaugiuin
Ernast Ludwig
Popo Iskandar
7. Flow Abstractionism
Flow Abstractionism
Abstractionism flow is the flow It benefits color along with form in a non-representational way. your stream is actually divided into two, namely kubistis abstract in addition to non-figurative.
Characteristic has :
The art regarding display elements arranged art is actually not limited to the forms It exist throughout nature. Lines, shapes, and also colors shown devoid of regard towards original shape throughout nature.
Figures — figures:
Mark Rothko
Clyfford stll
Got Adolf Lieb
Robert Montherwell
8. Flow Cubism
Cubism flow
Cubist flow could be the flow The idea has geometric shapes like triangles, rectangles, circles, cylinders, spheres, cones, cubes in addition to boxes.
Characteristic possesses :
Has an geometric shape
Has a good color combination It is very perspective.
Figures – figures:
Pablo Picasso
Albert Glazes
Fernand Leger
Robert Delaunay
9. Flow Dadaism
Dada flow
Dadaism stream flow is actually produce functional functions connected with shapes spooky, magic, horrible, childish (naive), sometimes impressive.
Characteristic provides :
Art The idea does not want your illusion or the absence associated with illusion.
The dominance regarding black, red, green in addition to white within initial staining, sharp along with contrast
Figures — figures:
Roull Haussmann
Hans Arp
10. the flow regarding Futurism
Futurism flow
Futurism flow is the flow This describes an object It looks as being a carrying painting. an object will be talked about numerous times for the same way, inside perspective.
Characteristic provides :
Artwork captures elements of movement and also speed
Utilizing your own principles involving a variety of visible or maybe (multiple viewpoints)
Using typography to be a design element on the expression
Concerned In regards to the dynamism, discipline, and also styles in order to express speed in addition to similarity time.
Figures – figures:
Giacomo Balla
Umberto Boccioni
Carlo Carrà,
11. your flow regarding Fauvism
Fauvism flow
Fauvism flow would be the flow That offers the freedom of expression, and so several objects paintings created inside contrast towards original.
Characteristic features :
Art paintings are wild colors in addition to contrast.
The colors taken is clearly simply no for a longer time adapted to the original color
Use involving lines with the paintings Fauvism simplified so The item viewers could possibly help detect ones presence of any clear as well as strong lines.
Figures — figures:
Henry Matisse
Andre Dirrain
Maurice de Vlamink
Rauol Dufi
Kess van Dongen.
12. your own flow involving classicism
Flow klasikisme
Classicism flow will be the flow That displays pictures in the classic, as well as offers their own character as well as characteristics. Classicism flow much plastered within domestic and with foreign countries. the flow usually refers towards Greeks along with Romans.
Characteristic provides :
Painting tied to the norms regarding academic intellectuals.
Always balanced along with harmonious forms.
Restrictions colors are clean and static.
Expression calm as well as memorable grand.
Contains your story of any palace.
Tend to help possibly be exaggerated.
Figures : figures:
Bartholome Vignon (1762 — 1846)
Lovis Jaques David (1974 — 1825)
January Ingles (1780 – 1867)

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