No doubt, one of the tourist attraction in Jakarta is Betawi foods. Although the Betawi community itself has been increasingly relegated to the periphery due to the development of the city, but one of the results of their culture in the form of Betawi foods can still be found in Jakarta.
For those of you who are visiting Jakarta, do not miss the opportunity to taste culinary specialties Betawi. Betawi people is not only smart unrequited rhyme, they are also good at making delicious culinary variety and wagged his tongue. No wonder the Betawi traditional foods favored by many people from various backgrounds. What are some typical food Batavia? Consider the following text.Get More Info Catering di Depok


Before a heavy meal, the better we eat a snack-Betawi snack beforehand. There are various types of snacks that exist even if only a few are well-known. Snack-snack was as follows.

1. Crust Egg

Betawi crust Egg

Hearing the name “egg crust” may be for some people will immediately associate it with Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ). This is because many traders egg crust that can be encountered in the PRJ event.
Meanwhile, in a typical day, there are times when we can find vendors selling merchandise with egg crust around the village. However, the number may not be how and begin hard to find because of confectionary one has included rare.
The crust egg is one of the regional specialties Betawi. These foods are made from materials among others such as white glutinous rice, chicken or duck eggs, (dried shrimp) and grated coconut roasted dried and fried onions, red peppers, , ginger, pepper, salt and sugar as spices complement.
How to make food is quite unique because it is not cooked on the stove but cooked over the embers. Traders egg crust occasionally invert the skillet so that the surface of the egg crust also baked and cooked evenly while fan so that embers still burning. Once dried and cooked crust eggs ready to be served
crust egg made of materials that white sticky rice, chicken or duck egg, fried onion, fried shrimp, red peppers, kencur, ginger, toasted coconut, sugar, salt, and pepper. Egg crust has a savory taste and enjoyable while warm.

2. Cake Rangi

Betawi Cake RangiRangi cake or so-called Rangi made from sago starch is mixed with shredded coconut rough. In the past, people bake a cake reduced by utilizing the fire from firewood or charcoal. As a result, it becomes more fragrant cakes. Rangi cake is one of the specialties Betawi also began rarely obtained. However, there are several restaurants in the spirit of preserving Betawi culture, re-enter this cake in their menu. Starch and grated coconut are the basic ingredients of making this cake. It was tasty because it contains grated coconut and sweet as well as on the surface of the cake sprinkled with brown sugar. The aroma do not ask, fragrant and appetizing.

3. Cake rescue

Betawi Cake rescue

Snacks made from rice flour and brown sugar is already very rare, even young children betawi now many are not familiar with cake. Alhamdulillah in North Bamboo city still have to sell. It does not seem to change fixed, savory sweet with a sprinkling of grated coconut steamed.

4. Cake Geplak

Betawi Cake Geplak

Pastries typical betawi now we rarely see, one of which is geplak. We would like to invite readers to try to make it, so the traditional cake can be sustainable and can still be enjoyed with family and also suitable for various events.

5. Ongol-Ongol

Betawi-Kue Ongol Ongol

One typical cake betawi pretty tempting is ongol-ongol. Maybe some of you have ever tasted this sweet snacks. Basic ingredients are simple, easy to get, and of course also in making it easy. Basic materials can be corn starch or flour. This cake is perfect for your morning menu. In with a glass of coffee or hot tea will certainly add to its enjoyment. Therefore usually itinerant peddlers in the morning often sell cake-ongol ongol this. However, it does not mean at other times, it is less suitable to eat cake. At any time, you can enjoy this cake, good afternoon, evening or night. Or perhaps for those who like staying up late, could not attempt this cake as a snack.

6. Cake skewed

Betawi skewed Cake

It is used to buy pancong? Yes, pancong is one hawker market that is quite familiar. Cake original Betawi this one very soon if at meal time is still hot or warm. One of the charms of this cake is in my opinion lies in the taste of coconut scars so savory. In addition, this cake is very fitting in ‘dipping’ with sugar.

7. Pinch Cake

Pinch Cake Betawi

Cake Pinch-shaped petite with chocolate sprinkles meises on it, most delicious when eaten while cake Pinch newly appointed from pan cake, sweet, made from wheat flour, name cake Pinch, because at the time of taking the cake is like a person who wanted to pinch in the middle cake.

8. Cake Ape or pancake

Betawi Cakes pancake or Ape

Ape cake or pancake Jakarta is also called, is a typical food Betawi, resembles a pancake, the basic ingredients are flour and snacks are also more comfortable in eating while still warm, fried in a small pan. There are two colors of this Ape cake, green and white, the more fragrant green because it uses suji leaves.

9. Cake Lekker

Betawi Cake Lekker

Lekker cakes are also made from wheat flour shaped like the crepes, but thinner, and the contents of meises chocolate and cheese, called Lekker, because of its delicious taste.

10. E Klepon

Betawi Cake Klepon

Klepon cake, green chewy cake made of glutinous rice flour and containing brown sugar and coconut.

11. Cake lepet

Betawi Cake lepet

Lepet, cake glance similar to this rice cake made of glutinous rice mixed with beans Tolo. The pastries are sold at Rp 3,000, it’s cheap and healthy because without preservatives.

12. cakes bowsprit

Betawi cakes bowsprit

Cakes bowsprit which is typical cake betawi brownish color. For those of you who live the surrounding Jakarta Bogor Tangerang and Bekasi are familiar with the name of this cake bowsprit. Cakes bowsprit which is thicker in the middle than at the edges. In the dry frilly edges so sweet savory crunchy because of slightly charred. No wonder that many are made hooked! Because of this shape, I feel this cake similar to dorayaki yes. And usually if I prefer to eat the edges for a more crisp.

Made from rice flour as basic materials. Cakes bowsprit into the type of sweet cakes and also had a robust flavor. Did you know that the color of chocolate cake bowsprit comes from brown sugar which makes it not only feels legit. For those of you who have tasted the cake bowsprit, you will feel when there is some kind of fiber in this cake. Fiber formed in this cake makes tastes sweet chewy. Unfortunately when this cake cakes bowsprit arguably relatively rare to find because now no more the seller. Even so these cakes can still be found in vending snacks in traditional markets. And for the loyal fans, to be sure the cake is still hunted.

13. Puto Mayang

Betawi Puto Mayang

Cake betawi this one is a bit unique compared to the others. In addition to the display color is fresh, the cake is shaped like a noodle in roll-roll resembles a sphere. Putu Mayang is the name of a type of food that is eaten typical Malay area typically uses Savory Sauce. Besides it can also use a sprinkling of grated coconut. In addition to simple ingredients, Puto Mayang has a legit flavor with the aroma of fragrant pandan leaves so they can eat when it is cold or warm.

14. Cake Lupis

Betawi Cake Lupis

Lupis sweet pastry pleasure savory coconut brown sugar mixed kince kentel with sticky liquid that is legit. Some say it is lemang lupis cake. There are between lupis and lemang, the difference is how to make it different and the way of presentation if lemang of bamboo and burned if lupis of banana leaves in boiled together of sticky rice. Lupis difference at lemang or from elsewhere because it is eaten Betawi lupis use grated coconut mixed garem bit, liquid brown sugar mixed with a little tamarind or using sticky tape items. So sweet savory.

15. Cake Pepe

Betawi Cake Pepe

Eating cake and a glass of hot coffee emang most fun. Especially if the texture of the cake soft and supple. Such as cakes Betawi this one, layered with attractive colors, make it look more beautiful. Pepe or cake layer cake is tastes sweet corn and sticky. Dough made from rice flour, corn starch, sugar and coconut milk. To make it look more attractive, the dough can also be a variety of colors. Prepared dough layered disparate colors for example red, green and brown. Like a layer cake in general, even this rectangular cake steamed until cooked. The top layer is usually wearing a bright red color that attracts the eye. Among the Betawi community, sago layer cake is often served at celebrations, and thanksgiving. The interface is similar to a layer cake but the cake batter is slightly sticky, chewy and brightly colored. To steam the color usually takes five minutes, and then insert the other color dough. Once cooked steamed, cut rectangular cake and served on a plate. If sold these cakes wrapped in plastic surface to prevent sticking. Friends fitting is a cup of coffee or hot tea. In addition to be used as a snack cake can also be served for dessert menu. If it is difficult to get corn starch, pepe cookie dough can be replaced with starch. This cake is also being sold in traditional markets or a pastry shop.

16. Cake Bugis Betawi

Betawi Cake Bugis

Snacks typical Indonesian indeed has many fans. One is the famous cake Cake Bugis with brown sugar sweet stuffing. This snack is often sold by the seller of the cake in the traditional markets and street vendors. Texture is legit and brown sugar and coconut stuffing sweet makes the tongue wants to continue to eat it. Bugis black rice cake, food is the most widely encountered in Betawi wedding reception. In addition to the wedding reception, the cake is also available when the recitation event, meeting, social gathering etc. It was sweet and sticky.

17. Tape Uli

Betawi Tape Uli

Tape uli is a traditional food that is easy betawi encountered especially when widths. Tape made from fermented glutinous basis. Fermented glutinous this will generate good taste sticky tape. While Uli cake is a food of glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk and steamed. uli cake served with sticky tape was so fit and favors. A mix tape and delicious uli known as Tape Uli. This cake tastes is indeed typical of all so typical betawi tape uli is much favored by all circles. How to make a tape uli easily long enough only when the fermentation process sticky tape. To produce a good sticky tape, the material and the tool must be ensured guaranteed hygiene tool primarily of fats and oils.

18. Dodo Betawi

Betawi DodoDodo is legit is actually no less prestige with lunkhead Garut. Unfortunately, dodol Betawi is not easy to find in the capital, only in villages located Dodo Kalibata numbers only. We will easily find dodol Betawi because the region is a center of production and sale of dodol Betawi.

19. Fruit Atep

Fruit Betawi Atep

Candied fruit and fro or atep. Light snacks of fruit sugar palm tree is popular for people Betawi for snack foods are usually placed in the jar. Not only for the extra into ice mixed or compote, candied fro can also be eaten directly without mixture. Fruit atep or so-called fro the actual fruit of sugar palm trees, which is quite popular. So no wonder also if some citizens took it as a snack. Because the taste and color, these sweets have a lot of fans.

20. Bread Crocodile

Betawi Roti BuayaWho says the crocodile is a connotation of a playboy? Crocodiles are the most loyal animals with their partner. Crocodile-shaped bread in Betawi is a representation of loyalty. Therefore, it should be given a pair. Bread alligator is one prerequisite that must exist in Betawi wedding ceremony. This crocodile-shaped bread cute little alligator. But unfortunately, bread is also now beginning to be difficult to obtain. Stores more modern bakery sells various types of bread from the outside of the typical bread Betawi.

21. Lapis Legit

It makes no difference with lapis legit are sold now but, lapis legit native Betawi typically use 25 to 30 pieces of chicken egg yolk mixed with flour, milk, and butter, then added with seasoning , in order to become a fragrant aroma. The work that requires patience to make lapis legit expensive and only served on the day of Eid or celebration.

22. Sengkulun

Chewy texture, briefly looked like pastry basket served during the Chinese New Year. Only sengkulun not wrapped in banana leaves and freshly eaten with grated coconut sprinkles. The material is sticky rice flour stirred together coconut milk and brown sugar, then steamed until cooked.

23. Cake Kelen

Dough only consists of milk, eggs, butter steamed until cooked. Hence, after mature Kelen cake is similar to a milk pudding. First, Kelen cake served in cucing (small bowl of Chinese ceramics). Now, for reasons of practicality, Kelen cake wrapped in plastic.

24. Andepite

The potatoes are mashed together coconut milk, sugar, and eggs, then steamed until cooked. Then printed in jagged container. When about presented, surface sprinkled with anise. Taste sweet sticky.

25. Cake Trays

Usually consists of two layers and made of a mixture of cassava, or sweet potatoes, or potatoes, with coconut milk, and steamed rice flour. In the market there is a platter of shrimp, green tray or platter potatoes. The taste varies: sweet (such as green trays and trays of potato) and savory (such as shrimp tray).

26. Puto

The seller signaled his arrival with a sound like the blowing whistle. Putu cake white or green with a basis of rice flour is mixed with water suji pandan leaves. Its contents are strokes of brown sugar. Because cooked in bamboo tubes, the cake is fragrant. Eaten with grated coconut.

27. Jipang & popcorn

Jipang made from glutinous rice fried, then stirred with concentrated liquid sugar, printed and cut into pieces. While popped out of corn (popcorn) made as Jipang.

28. Wajik

Cooked glutinous rice cooked back with sugar or brown sugar, grated coconut and coconut milk. For sweeteners, can also add food coloring. Once cooked, diamonds printed or wrapped in wax paper.

29. Arrow

Made from glutinous rice flour, sugar and grated coconut which have been roasted until dry, then printed. Cake depends on the shape of the mold. There are oval, square, or jagged. When bitten, sagon usually feels a little bit harsh.

1. Seed Cake Ketapang

Seed Cake Betawi Ketapang

Ketapang traditional cake called seed cake is one of the original Betawi. The fried pastries normally enliven the atmosphere during the holidays arrive. Grated coconut and coconut milk is used to make these snacks make it taste more savory. Store in tightly closed in order to awake.

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