How To Use Fire Blanket Properly

How to Use Fire Blanket Properly by Jual Alat Pemadam Kebakaran. A fire blanket can be firefighting equipment is very effective. In addition to commonly used by firefighters to rescue people trapped fire by covering or wrap, fire blanket is also used to extinguish the fire which is sometimes difficult to extinguish by water, such as oil and fire due to short circuit.


Fire blankets are highly fireproof blanket may be used together there to extinguish a small fire or to wrap around a person. They are comprised of two layers of woven glass fiber fabric and a layer of dull flame depths film. They are working with cutting bekalan oxygen (oxygen is one of three elements that need fire to burn) and the smothering the fire.

Although the shape is simple and lightweight (average weighs under 1kg), a tool that works with the principle of stopping the supply of oxygen to the fire has a heat resistance up to 700 degrees Celsius. How to use a fire blanket is quite simple, namely to cover the fire to be extinguished.

Fire blanket, together with a fire extinguisher, fire safety goodies that may be useful in cases of fire. This blanket nonflammable assist in temperature so that 900 darjat and useful in smothering small fires with not justify ubiquitous oxygen to the fire. Due to limited simplicity, fire blankets may be useful for someone experienced with a fire extinguisher. Learning how to use a fire blanket in the cases of fires and protect your home or officials.

To minimize errors and prevent your injured while putting out the fire, you should consider the first three tips on the use of fire blanket below.

# 1 Recognize Fire

Before deciding to use a fire blanket to extinguish the fire, you need to first see how big the fire is facing. Fire blanket is only intended for a small fire or a fire that size is not larger than the range that could cover it. If the fire is very large, you are advised to use a fire extinguisher / APAB and immediately call the fire department.

# 2 Safety Yourself

Before using a fire blanket, make sure your hand and arm are protected from the dangers of fire. At the very least, wear gloves or wrap your hand antiapi with one part of the fire blanket. By doing so, it is advisable to put a fire blanket near the glove antiapi and other fire extinguishers. If you use long sleeves, fold the sleeves to avoid the risk of burns while fighting the fire.

# 3 After Usage

Fire blanket that had just used to extinguish the fire should be left out to cool for 30-60 minutes. Also make sure that there are no more flames are left when you want to lift it. Fire blanket can be used repeatedly and requires no maintenance fee to keep it functioning properly.

Make sure everyone knows where the fire blankets stored and know how to remove the blanket from the canister if it were you ever need it. He is also a way to put a sign on the blanket introduction.

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