Whitish: Types, Causes, Characteristics, And How To Cope Whitish

Friends of World Health , may have no disease whiteness. But if friends know what it is whitish, the types of vaginal discharge, vaginal discharge causes, and characteristics of whiteness? Then when you run this how it affects your health and how to how to overcome white TSB? If you do not already know silahkann observe the following review.

What Is Vaginal Discharge?

Whitish or called leukorea / fluor albus in medical terms is a condition characterized by excessive discharge from the genitals of women. Fluid is not a form of blood.cara-mengatasi-keputihan

Types Whitish

Darisegi dangerous or not then known two types of vaginal discharge, which is normal vaginal discharge and abnormal vaginal discharge. Abnormal vaginal discharge / not normal was categorized as a disease.

Normal Vaginal Discharge Causes

Whitish normal form of a fluid consisting of loose mucus endocervical, cervical tissue, vaginal tissue, and good bacteria, especially class of Lactobacillus. Discharge from the penis is simply a natural way to clean the feminine area, as a lubricant, and also serving as a bulwark defense from infection. A large number of white ccairan they will be heavily influenced by the monthly cycle / menstruation. In the follicular phase (phase of egg maturation) then the amount of fluid that comes out will increase and reach a peak when ovulation (phase expenditure for the fertilized egg cell), and the liquid thickens even more.

Causes Abnormal Vaginal Discharge / Whitish Disease

Here are some of the causes of disease whiteness:

  1. Hygiene / Personal hygiene levels are poor
  2. The use of antibiotics or other drugs for a long time
  3. Psychological factors such as stress
  4. Diseases infection / inflammation in the genital area that is usually caused by microorganisms such as bacteria gonorrhoe, fungi Candida, trichomonas parasites, and viruses (HPV, Herpes, AIDS)
  5. Cancer of the cervix / cervical cancer

Characteristics Whitish Normal

  1. Form: liquid / aqueous
  2. Color: clear or slightly white
  3. Amount: Fewer
  4. Odour: almost odorless
  5. pH: acidic or about 3.8 to 4.5
  6. No cause itching or pain.

Characteristics Of Abnormal Vaginal Discharge / Whitish Disease

  1. Form: viscous
  2. Color: milky white, yellow or green
  3. Total: lots / redundant
  4. Odour: Unpleasant
  5. Cause itching and sometimes pain in the area of femininity and might contain blood.

The pain and itching of the genitals during pregnancy should be suspected as signs of pregnancy danger / not normal .

How To Ensure Affected Abnormal Vaginal Discharge / Whitish Disease

  1. Notice if you experience abnormal vaginal discharge characteristics above
  2. If yes immediately consult a doctor you trust.
  3. To ascertain the cause of abnormal vaginal discharge has advised doctors will usually vaginal fluid examination and Pap smear. For certain cases can proceed with microbiological tests that the bacteria culture and test the resistance.

How To Overcome Whitish

Whitish disease if not treated properly can spread to the reproductive system and can cause inflammation of the reproductive system penyumbatanan channel so it can happen to infertility. There are two ways to overcome vaginal discharge, ie using non-medical therapy / without medication and therapy with the drug.

How To Overcome Whitish Without Drugs

  • Increasing the level of personal hygiene and keep your feminine area stays clean and hygienic.
  • As much as possible avoid the shower / bathing in a public pool.
  • Use the panties of a comfortable and able to absorb perspiration like cotton. Avoid using tight underpants.
  • reduce stress

How to Cope With Drug Whitish

Consult your doctor you trust to get how to overcome white with medication. Given drug therapy will usually be adjusted to the patient’s condition and the cause of vaginal discharge experienced. Usually the therapy used is an antibiotic and anti-fungal. When the way overcoming whiteness with these drugs do not provide relief, you should immediately consult another doctor your trust because it could be this is a sign of a more serious illness again as the occurrence of cervical cancer / cervical cancer characterized by vaginal discharge that many, odorless and usually with no fresh blood.

That is a brief review of what it is whitish, the types of vaginal discharge, vaginal discharge causes, vaginal discharge characteristics, how to ensure the whiteness, the impact of vaginal discharge, vaginal discharge and how to cope.
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